What they never tell you about those “cozy” scented candles…

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  I get it… candles are associated with cozy and romance BUT one of the main problems with scented candles is the scent itself.  Scented candles just aren’t good for you, in fact they are bad for you.  Simply put, it’s the chemicals benzene and toluene  and formaldehyde (ewwwww!) found in scented candles can cause health problems like headaches, dizziness and … Read More

8 Signs Your Gut Is Unhealthy…

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Summer’s over and it’s back to the fast paced life of school, work and probably less sleep, less than ideal meals and lots of hectic moments. It’s just the world we live in right now. The effects? A compromised gut. Hippocrates once said “All disease begins in the gut.” He was a clever man! Since about 80% (ish) of our … Read More

Why you should diffuse oils

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Diffusing essential oils puts essential oils is the quickest easiest way to get oils into you. We breathe them in and they immediately come into contact with the nerves that send them right to the brain, especially the emotional center. The brain does all kinds of smart things with these aroma “signals” that benefit us. Here’s one really good reason … Read More

Drink WATER- What’s your FLAVORITE oil?

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    Some folks just don’t like to drink plain water. They find it boring and so… they don’t drink enough liquids. That’s bad. Not good at all. Drinking water is essential. The body loses water through urine and sweat and those fluids need to be replaced. “It is my strong belief that the single most powerful intervention the majority … Read More

3 Things you’ll want in your gym (tennis) bag

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I’ve never been so grateful to have 3 simple things in my tennis bag. Ningxia Red, Ningxia Nitro and my oils. I just played in a 3 day tennis tournament for fun (well ok, maybe I DO love the competition). We played 2-3 matches each day and the matches could last 1-2 hours each depending on how crafty your opponent was  … Read More

Martha Stewart’s Lemon Cake w Einkorn & Lemon & Lime oils

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I love cooking with Young Living essential oils. I asked my mom recently what kind of birthday cake she wanted me to make for her birthday dinner and she requested lemon cake. YES! I love to bake with YL citrus oils. They make recipes bright and tasty  🙂 I switched out the wheat flour with YL Einkorn flour – super … Read More

The BEST Pumpkin Cookies You’ll Ever Eat

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Seriously. The. Best. I never was big on things flavored with pumpkin… until I met these cookies. I found the recipe on all recipes.com and adapted it to a healthier version (dairy free, Gluten Free). Now I make them using Einkorn Flour  from Young Living which isn’t gluten free but it has low gluten and is easier on the system.  I … Read More

DIY Natural Laundry Detergent… or not DIY ?

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Make it in 10 minutes! I have been searching for a good laundry soap for several years. I’ve tried several that I found at WholeFoods or Sprouts. They were  ok. I found it frustrating to discover that many of these “green” laundry soaps would get a poor evaluation from the Environmental Working Group. I have boys and they get dirty and … Read More