DIY Face Serum with Rose Oil- More Affordable Than You Think

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DIY face serum is the way to go. It’s more affordable than you think. What if I told you you could make a serum with the MOST expensive essential oils and your yearly cost to use it would be $21?  How can this be? And why would I need to use the more expensive oils? The truth is, some of the pricier oils just tend to be the ones that help make our skin beautiful.

face serum with rose sandalwood frankincense

A Blissful Face Serum :

  • 1 drop Rose Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil (could use Sacred Frankincense)
  • 1 oz carrier oil of your choice (I use jojoba oil)

    How To:

    Pour in the carrier oil (jojoba or avocado or whatever you prefer) to a 1 oz amber or cobalt blue bottles that is fitted with a glass dropper. I personally use jojoba oil as the carrier oil for my face. I like how nicely it soaks in. Add essential oils.

HomemadeMommy wrote a great blog article on how the cost for a serum with such expensive essential oils breaks down:

How the Numbers Work Out:

At $185.50 per 5 ml bottle of Rose (wholesale price), each drop of Rose essential oil is $2.32

A 15 ml bottle of Frankincense is $71.75, costs about $0.26 per drop.

A 5 ml bottle of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is $94.75 wholesale, costs about $1.18 per drop.

A 16 oz bottle of organic jojoba oil is about $17.53 or $1.10 per ounce.

If you make a 1 oz bottle of this face serum, it will cost you $6.30! There are about 550 drops in a 1 oz bottle of serum. Each drop is $0.01, if you use 5 drops per day, that comes out to $0.05 per day.  If you use less than 4 bottles of this serum in a year, that comes out to be $21.  You an make this serum with your same supplies for the next several years (because essential oils… the really high quality ones like Young Living) never, expire. Ever. That’s worthwhile.

Think about it, could you find such a pure serum without weird chemicals in the drugstore for cheaper? NO WAY. Not a chance.

More things to keep in mind:

  • You can reuse/refill the bottle over and over.
  • The carrier oil is easy to find just about anywhere (Amazon, healthfood stores).
  • The essential oils you’ll use never expire. (I’ve had a bottle of YL Rose for 7 years)
  • You can tailor your face serum to adjust to your skin’s needs in the moment (I add Geranium to support happy, healthy hormones).
  • Your body will happily soak up the properties of the essential oils AND you’ll benefit from aromatherapy at the same time. A “twofer”.
  • You will notice a difference in your skin once you start using it. That’s for sure.

So many essential oils have properties that are excellent for skin rejuvenation and help prevent and smooth fine lines. Some are oils are pretty pricey and some are less expensive. When you are making your own face serum, you can tailor what you put in your bottle. I would recommend not skimping, some of the more expensive oils tend to be ones that are prized for skin benefits.

A list of possible essential oil candidates for skin serums:

  • Lavender (good for all skin types)
  • Frankincense (smooths lines and wrinkles)
  • Copaiba (soothing to irritation)
  • Cedarwood (soothing, helpful for occasional blemish)
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (nourishes dry skin, softens fine lines)
  • Myrrh (soothes and softens dry chapped skin)
  • Spikenard (regenerative, good for skin tone)
  • Geranium (any skin type, revitalizing, regenerative, supports healthy hormones)
  • Ylang Ylang (good for oily skin, softens and smooths, wards off wrinkles)
  • Manuka (similar to but gentler than Tea Tree, smells more floral)
  • Patchouli (tightens and tones, soothes)
  • Rose (restore moisture balance, smooth wrinkles, diminish redness)

A good beginner face serum to try if you just got your essential oil kit is:

1 oz jojoba oil

2 drops Frankincense (comes in Premium Starter Kit)

2 drops Lavender (comes in Premium Starter Kit)

2 drops Copaiba (comes in Premium Starter Kit)

I used to be blissfully unaware of all of the chemicals in my beauty products. Nine years ago I had to start reading labels because at the time, my boys had really terrible asthma and I discovered that scented things I was wearing, washing our clothes with, putting on their skin were an irritation trigger.

I learned quickly to put any product that had the word “fragrance” back on the shelf. Along the way I learned how sneaky advertising can be in the U.S. They will say that a product is made “with essential oils and botanicals” yet they also have FRAGRANCE (aka synthetic cesspool of chemicals that dork up things like hormones and irritate respiratory systems).

If I was able to baby-step my family’s way to cleaner, healthier personal care products… anyone can. Get a Premium Starter Kit (best place to start with essential oils) you’ll not only have many options for a face serum, you’ll have loads of options to support healthy immune, hormones, moods and have something for when you over-did it in your workout.

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Nothing I enjoy more than helping someone discover oils and their benefits 🙂

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