Energy? What’s that?? Haven’t had it since I was a kid…

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IMG_2410I have good energy for someone my age (50) … and it’s because of some of the tools I use to keep me energetic. Ironically, when I was in my 30’s (before I discovered the importance of nutrition ) I had less energy than I do now.

I talk to people every single day and  the #1 thing people want more of is energy and just behind that is to feel peaceful (aka “not stressed… but that’s another blog post…)

There can be lots of reasons why a person doesn’t feel energy. The answer isn’t always to jack yourself up on caffeine. Try to figure out WHY you don’t have energy… what’s at the root of it? 


Is it…

Lack of good & enough sleep (most common).

Poor diet & nutrition (next most common).

Hormones gone haywire (3rd most common for women)

Living in the constant state of stress (big stressors and little stressors that add up)

So if you’ve been dragging yourself out of bed each day, and zombie walking through your days, I’m going to offer a few ideas that could be helpful that might actually help your body get back the it’s true “normal” state of good restful sleep, good nutrition and supported healthy hormones.

You didn’t get to the “no energy state” overnight, so you’re gonna have to give your body a little bit of time to correct itself. The human body has incredible design and can do amazing things to bring itself back into balance – all we need to do is support it’s healthy processes.

PrintRESTFUL SLEEP: Turn your dang phone OFF at bedtime and don’t cruise Instagram right before falling asleep. Seriously. This tip alone can do wonders. Diffuse essential oils next to your bed (Lavender is always a good choice, Stress Away, Cedarwood, SleepyIze, any citrus, Thieves in winter). That way you are signaling your brain through aroma that it’s time to chill out and relax and get ready for restful sleep. I also like to wipe some of the oil on my feet and shoulders and neck. Especially Lavender. And if there’s a noisy person in your bedroom (like my hubby can be) wipe some Valor or Thyme on their toes before bedtime. Just sayin.


2oz NingXia Red you get supportNutrition: Drink Ningxia Red (the antioxidants, the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals all are known to support healthy sleep… and ENERGY!) Take a B complex (I LOVE my Super B for my heart, my energy and it has choline which is good for handling daily stressors ) Don’t skip meals, you’re not doing anyone a favor by doing this. If you’re worried about your weight, drink the Ningxia Red… people report to me that sugar cravings are less when they drink it daily. I have experienced that myself (former sugar addict…). If you need a quickie meal replacement try the Balance Complete or Pure Protein Complete – they taste really good (I’m a taste snob by the way). The point… you have to feed your body properly if you want it to do “normal” things (like normal sleep).

If momma aint happy progessence plus compliantHormones: Ladies… when we get to a certain age, things start getting a little haywire. If you find yourself waking up at 3am, thats your liver (and your hormones) trying to tell you that all is not perfect. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if something is off. I love to apply Progessence Plus serum to my forearms at bedtime, it’s such a relaxing aroma and my body just gets itself ready for sleep when I use it nightly. With natural progesterone in it.. its a winner. The liver is something you definitely need to be a good caretaker of… so back to Ningxia Red, DRINK IT DAILY. Just do it. Try an experiment, 2-4 oz a day for 90 days – see if that doesn’t remind your body how to sleep restfully and offer some replenishing energy.

Lower STRESS: Use and smell your oils! The constant GO GO GO world we live in…. faster, better, quicker can be exhausting for anyone. Essential oils have been well studied to be an aromatic reminder to people to sloooooow life down, relax, chill out, feel serene. Find an aroma that you love and use it frequently. Diffuse it, wear it as a personal perfume.


Ningxia zyng vs redbullTry Zyng – it’s yummy! Has a little fizz and makes you feel like you are getting a treat. Waaaay better than reaching for a latte or soda.





Other options for energy (naturally of course)….

ningxia drinks all 3 zyng nitro nxr

Try Nitro – it’s a great thing to throw into a gym bag or your purse for work. The mental clarity and energy that you get (without the caffein jitters that sodas and coffee bring) is soo worth it!







You have choices, you can keep “not sleeping” and “not having energy” OR you can make some tiny changes and choices and shift things in a better direction.

What will you choose to do?

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