Good Night, Sleep Tight !

Lori YoungdahlDIY, Family Health

We are all creatures of habit. Before bedtime some of us read, or watch tv, or look on our phones (don’t sleep with your phone next to your bed!). When my kids were toddlers, we created a bedtime routine that we called “Bath, Books, Bed”. It helped them know relaxing time & sleep was coming.

When we become adults, we are too busy, have too many things on our minds. So what if we kept it simple?

1. Get INTO bed about 30+ minutes before you want to fall asleep.

2. Don’t eat right before bedtime.

3. Apply some essential oils that appeal to you and make you think of a spa day to your shoulders, feet, your neck, your forehead and put them in your diffuser (that is sitting on your night stand) to create a bedtime routine.

You’ll be training your brain that it’s time to take it down a notch, get into that relaxed, sleepy state.

Here are some popular oils to try:

32 sleep-cream copy

Some people find it convenient to create a “bedtime” cream with these oils mixed with either shea butter or coconut oil, though it’s not necessary. You could simply layer them… on your feet, shoulders, back of neck , behind ears, on wrists. There’s really not a “wrong” way to apply these.

There is no “wrong” answer when it comes to applying oils like this. It really depends on what your body & mind tell you it likes 🙂 So LISTEN carefully.

Try some of these oils on the kiddo’s feet. A favorite among the Mom’s in the oily world is SleepyIze. You can put a roller ball on it and swipe the feet and spine and “poof” bedtime routine just got easier!