Oils… for rookies. Where to start

Lori YoungdahlFor Beginners

You may have heard about essential oils…


  1. Easy to use
  2. Work very quickly
  3. Work well alongside other modalities
  4. Safe for pets and people (kids too)
  5. Cost effective. Cost ranges from 5¢ – 31¢ per drop.
  6. Helps us feel grounded and have a sense of purpose.
  7. Supports healthy: immune, respiratory, sinus, cardiovascular, skin, skeletal, endocrine/ hormone & nervous systems
  8. You don’t have to be an expert to feel benefits from essential oils (click around on my site… lots of resources to help you)

Just 1-2 drops can be powerful.

Most people get started with this collection of oils because they are very flexible in their uses (making them really cost effective).

The hardest part is figuring out which diffuser you want to start with. My personal favorite is the Dewdrop. Aria is great for big rooms and can play music from phone through it, Bamboo is just like  Home or Dewdrop with a more modern look. All of them are super easy to operate, just add water, then oils, then press ON. Easy.

get started 2015 kits

I highly recommend starting with this kit (Premium Starter Kit) take a look at what you get:

PSK-Flyer july 2015-WEB


It’s the BEST place to get started because you get a little bit of everything AND a diffuser (you choose which diffuser you’d like)!

You will have over 1,000 drops of essential oils to work with. A free diffuser included.

You can diffuse them, apply them topically or ingest (the labels on the bottles tell you how to use them and you get a great little cheat sheet to help too)

Check around on other posts for tips and recipes on how you can put your oils to use to do things like support a healthy immune system, beautify your skin (I’m north of 40.. this is an important one for me), get rid of funky smells in the home instead of toxic sprays or plug ins and make cleaning things like foaming hand soap free from triclosan.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to me… I remember what it’s like to have lots of questions regarding the oils 🙂

***BONUS*** When you enroll using my number YL# 939488, you’ll get a FREE bonus gift that will make using your oils a no-brainer.