Sick of eating cardboard-tasting GF stuff?

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Does your gut hate modern wheat????

You’ve been trying to be “good” about not eating anything with wheat in it… it makes you feel like you have a spiked rock in your gut, the gas…. OMG the gas! You just want to lay down. All. Day. Long.

But those breadsticks at the restaurant…. smell sooooooo good….

Ya don’t have to be deprived anymore, if you’re willing to do some very simple prep, you can go back to enjoying all the things you used to…. breads, cookies, muffins, sauces thickened by wheat… ALL of it can come back to your favorite family recipes!

Einkorn wheat is here to make life NORMAL again. Trust me, it tastes waaaaay better than that cardboard-tasting GF stuff on the market.

I know this because my boys have been through several phases of having to go GF (not celiac…. that’s TOTALLY different and celiacs can’t have Einkorn bc there’s still a little gluten in it). I know exactly what it’s like to have to prepare foods in special ways, we did it for over 8 years (until we healed their guts and lots of foods came back… but that’s a story for another day). I also know how terrible most GF stuff tastes… did ya know most of it is a highly processed food and doesn’t really offer much nutrition anyway?

Einkorn berries are now sold by Young Living (go here to order) and you can do ALL kinds of things with them… you can

Soak 6hrs- overnight

Soak 6hrs- overnight

  • Grind them to flour to make anything you’d make with flour (use same as regular flour)
  • soak them then make a hot cereal (like oatmeal)
  • soak them and make a “rice” dish: pilaf, Lime Vitality coconut “rice, sub for cous cous or Quinoa (great to used already cooked in a cold salad like a “pasta” salad




When compared to modern, processed wheat  you’ll feel much better eating this than regular wheat.  Ya see, the modern wheat has been hybridized for profit and production, not for health. Yes… even organic wheat in stores is a wheat with too many chromosomes so the body has NO idea what to do with it nutritionally. It goes without saying anything YL is non-GMO. Period.

NOTE: this DOES have some gluten, so celiacs… sorry, you’re out of luck here. But you folks with wheat sensitivities… this is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

RUN and go get some of these Einkorn Wheat berries HERE, and while you’re at it, grab some of the Einkorn pasta and the Einkorn cereal flakes. I like that the company selling the Einkorn is actually the company GROWING the Einkorn.

I’ll get behind any company that is a steward of the earth and creates products for purpose, not profit.

Don’t keep suffering in misery with bad wheat, DO SOMETHING about it!


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