Squash soup in less than an hour

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A little busy today? Need a healthy dinner option… STAT? Try this squash soup.

You can make it in less than an hour and it tastes like you’ve been slaving in the kitchen for hours. It’s flexible so you can pour it into bowls over chunks of rotisserie chicken or last night’s oven baked chicken or roast or whatever protein source you happen to have to add to it. OF COURSE…. it has Young Living essential oils in it. Sage, Thyme, Black Pepper. Just 1 drop of each is ALL that’s needed.

Make this in less than an hour.

Make this in less than an hour.


I have used combinations of butternut squash and acorn squash, used all butternut squash (easiest to peel & cube if you’re in a hurry) and all variations taste similar (delicious). I prefer to use bone broth that I make from scratch because of all the nutritional goodies in it. The “good salt” I like to use is Real Salt because it actually has a mineral content listed on the label unlike a lot of other “pink salt” wannabes.

I have doubled the recipe but NOT doubled the essential oils added. Let me repeat this… you can double the recipe but do NOT need to double the essential oils. When I get to the Vitamix stage, I usually have to do it in batches the put it all back into the stock pot and THEN I will add the essential oils. Serve it up and watch it quickly disappear 🙂

Possible Toppings:


pat of grass fed butter (soooo delicious)

sliced green onions

chopped fresh dill

chopped fresh cilantro

crumbled bacon

last night’s oven fries cut up

white beans

Honestly… so many things would taste good with this soup. It would be delicious poured over baked potatoes or even gf pasta.


Peel the squash first and cut the cubes into about 1 1/2″ pieces, chop the onion but don’t worry about perfection because you will puree everything in the end anyway. Garlic could be pressed or chopped.Once the squash is soft (after about 20mins simmering) put liquid and squash/onion combo into Vitamix and blend it up until smooth. Then add your oils. Done!


Black Pepper has many wonderful health properties. It enhances food’s flavor while comforting and energizing you. It supports the digestive system and soothes muscle discomfort following exercise. I’m not saying you should smear your soup on but if your muscles get tired after cutting the squash into cubes, you could apply it topically 😉

Thyme is a true powerhouse oil, it may support wellness, and can be used as a pleasant, flavorful addition to savory dishes. Thyme includes the naturally occurring constituents thymol, para-cymene, and gamma-terpinene, and is an important ingredient in Longevity™ essential oil blend, Inner Defense™, ParaFree™, and Rehemogen™. I frequently use Thyme oil in italian dishes and salad dressings. 

Sage strengthens the senses and supports a healthy metabolism with a spicy aroma that may help overcome feelings of mental fatigue and purify the home from negative influences. I haven’t use this oil much in my kitchen yet… planning to add it to my next chicken pot pie. I will probably use the toothpick method instead of a full drop. 

Bon Appetit!