Supporting 10,000 Steps A Day

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Walking-for-Health benefits

“They” say that sitting for long periods of time is negatively affecting our health. No surprise there.

Daily Step Targets and Categories Table
With all of us chained to technology these days… we need some mini-goals to get us moving. The 10,000 steps a day idea is a good one and easy to track with an inexpensive pedometer.

lymphatic system

Did you know that walking also helps move the lymphatic system? It is the sewage system for cellular metabolic toxins. Simply walking/ moving more can support a healthy immune system.

panaway-psk compliant
If you are fairly sedentary and start on a program like this, you might find that a few drops of PanAway mixed with V6 or coconut oil massaged on feet and calves feels really nice at the end of the day. Massage toward the heart.

Some other similar oils to try: 

R.C.,Peppermint, Eucalyptus globulus , Deep Relief , Cool Azul Sports Gel, Cool Azul blend , Ortho Sport or Ortho Ease

It cracks me up when my friends go out of their way to “win” a contest of steps against their hubbies… seems like win-win to me 😉

10000_steps funny comic

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