The STINK of chemical fragrances. Toxic load.

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I was SO excited to see the trailer to the documentary “Stink”. It’s by a dad who bought his daughters some pjs at Justice and the girls complained that they had a chemical odor. He tried to call Justice to find out what could be on the pjs making them smell weird.

Justice told him that they didn’t have to disclose that information. So he sent them to a lab to have them analyzed. The results confirmed his worst suspicions. Made in China (no big surprise there), laced with a flame-retardant that was intended to protect children but is a carcinogen that can have massive collateral damage on health.


Know what to keep = essential oils

Know what to get rid of = all household chemicals, especially fragrance

Know what to add = ingredients you know & understand

 There are SO many ways to avoid many chemicals that do harm. Yes, we need to have transparency in labeling, but you can safely assume that anything that is a kid pj has the toxic chemicals. I know this was a big contributing factor when my kids were little and battling really horrible asthma, which they no longer have, we got rid of it through lifestyle changes! When I see the word “fragrance” in ANY product, I put it back on the shelf.  Period. The “price” of using such a product is not one that I can “afford” health-wise for my family. My guess is that you can’t “afford” it health-wise it either.

21Unburden yourself insidious




diffusing oils compliantIf you want your home to smell great, diffuse and clean with oils.

If you want to smell great, wear oils and use very simple, clean-ingredient products that use essential oils.

My personal favorite essential oils to wear as perfumes: Inner Child, Valor, Sensation, Stress Away, Frankincense, Believe, Peace & Calming




Thieves-Laundry-Soap-Comparison-3If you want your laundry soap to smell good and your clothes to smell “clean” use laundry soap that is both eco friendly and powerful and uses essential oils for aroma.





KidScents_ShampooIf you want great smelling shampoos, face lotions, body lotions, bath gels, deodorants. Use Young Living products. You will NEVER find synthetic ingredients.







If you can’t safely eat a product (not that we encourage that but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about risks to your health), why on earth would you inhale it, put it on your skin or clean with it?

At Young Living we don’t put weird icky ingredients that need a lobbyist in our products. 

I can show you how to make products like YL’s work with your budget. The “cheap” shampoos and cleaners that you might be buying at the store have a higher “price”. Much, much higher than the cost to get products with safer ingredients. Which is easier? Pay a little extra for products now or spend years trying to unravel health issues. Prevention is worth doing.

Go ahead, take steps toward getting all of your products that have undesirable ingredients out of your home. When you join YL using #939488, you’ll get access to lots of DIY recipes and tips to stretch the budget and keep your family’s health well supported.  Join today  & go on your health journey. It’s not as hard as you might think. Totally doable. Promise.

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