TIPS on using your probiotic so it works best: Life 9

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probiotics support healthy gut Life 9Why would I want to use Life 9 probiotic? 

  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Supports gut health
  • Helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system.*



Common questions about Life 9™ answered…

Q. Why is it suggested to take Life 9™ before sleeping?

A. During sleep digestion is slower which will allow your body to receive the greatest benefit from Life 9™.

so yummy you might join your kiddo in using it!

Q. Can children use Life 9™?

A. Yes, both children and adults may benefit from Life 9™ probiotic. You might like the Kidscents Mighty Pro Prebiotic  Probiotic powder – kids LOVE this because it tastes like candy (but don’t worry, it’s sweetened with xylitol). Some people open a Life 9 capsule up into a smoothie or applesauce for kids.

Q. Can I take Life 9™ while pregnant?

A. Yes, taking probiotics from food sources and supplements is considered safe. Young living recommends consulting with your doctor or midwife before taking it.

Q. How can you ensure effective gastric bypass?

A. In order to ensure Life 9™ is assimilated as intended we sourced probiotic strains that are tolerant to acid and utilized a delayed-release capsule designed to withstand gastric juices ensuring product efficacy.

Q. How is the adhering ability (adhering to the intestine walls) determined in Life 9™?

A. The strains chosen for Life 9™ were chosen for their ability to adhere properly to the walls of the intestines. While other companies may choose to use lower cost alternatives, Young Living® only uses the finest quality ingredients and products and will settle for nothing less.

Q. How many cultures are in Life 9™?

A. There is a minimum of 17 billion CFUs (colony forming unit) in Life 9™ at the time of manufacture.

Q. Does Life 9™ contains 17 billion live cultures per capsule or in each bottle?

A. Life 9™ ™ contains at least 17 billion live cultures per capsule at the time of manufacture.

Q. How can you assure me that the strains in Life 9™ are “live”?

A. The bacteria strains in Life 9™ have been freeze dried, which means that they have been frozen in suspended animation. When you take a capsule of Life 9™, the bacteria become exposed to water, which in turn, reanimates them. Once they reach your gut, they are living bacteria.

Q. How do I know that 17 billion live cultures are enough for me?

A. Probiotic supplements in the market offer a range from 1 billion to 10 billion strains. The amount of strains needed by an individual varies according to one’s previous conditions and current health. Life 9™ offers at least 17 billion live cultures to ensure everyone can benefit from taking it. Although the amount sounds high, probiotics are safe and one cannot be harmed by taking extra.

Q. Why isn’t Life 9™ refrigerated before opening, like most of the probiotics in the stores?

A. Life 9™ is vacuum sealed and packaged to provide optimal protection (glass bottle, plastisol lined metal lid, delayed release capsule, and desiccant). This packaging protects the strains during shipping conditions as well.

It is recommended that you refrigerate Life 9™ after opening.

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