What they never tell you about those “cozy” scented candles…

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I get it… candles are associated with cozy and romance BUT one of the main problems with scented candles is the scent itself. 

12b ditch the candle for a diffuserScented candles just aren’t good for you, in fact they are bad for you. 

Simply put, it’s the chemicals benzene and toluene  and formaldehyde (ewwwww!) found in scented candles can cause health problems like headaches, dizziness and allergy symptoms to asthma attacks, respiratory tract infections and even the big “C”. (If you burn candles and ever experience these… might want to consider throwing the candles out…)

So… if we KNOW this… why do we keep using the darn things? 

Well….we might want to mask things like my son’s totally stinky sneakers he just took off or the wet dog smell or musty smells in the room or last night’s shrimp dinner. 

GOOD NEWS! there are safer alternatives… yep, I’m talking about diffusing essential oils. 

fun fact diffuse not use candles

Using an essential oil diffuser to naturally scent your home is an incredibly effective and healthy way to enjoy the scents you love. 

You can find TONS of recipes that can replicate almost any scent you desire. (really)

You can make blends that remind you of different holidays and seasons, favorite perfumes or favorite places you’ve lived or visited.

Here are some great diffuser recipes:


and HERE


and HERE:


It’s simple to create this “better for you” habit, YL makes it SO easy with the Starter Kit (you get 11 oils and a diffuser for half the price it would otherwise cost if you bought all items separately). Plus you can use these oils topically on things like muscles/ joints, for appearance of skin, for deep open breathing, and digestive and immune support with the Vitality oils. 

tips on diffusing why diffuse

Diffusing has helped me be a calmer mom… just saying. #worthit







  1. 4 drops each Orange ,  Northern Lights Black Spruce (chill out)
  2. 3 drops each Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint (you name it, it does it)
  3. 4 drops each Lemon, Peppermint (focus time)
  4. 4 drops each Lavender, Frankincense (bedtime zzzz)
  5. 5 drops Stress Away, 3 drops Lime (it’s all gonna be ok)

Of course there are a zillion other combinations and Young Living blends that I love to use… anything with Lemongrass is a favorite, Thieves is great for weird smells or when I feel like I need extra immune support. This list could go on and on…

Rule of thumb….

Diffuse what appeals to you. That’s it. It’s not more complicated than that. When people ask me “what should I diffuse?” I tell them to smell some oils and pick what they are drawn to. We humans tend to want to smell things (aromatic plants) that are good for us.

Here are some other recipes ….

Mulled cider diffuser recipebedtime diffuser recipes for kidsSPRING-DIFFUSER-RECIPESPrint




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