What’s that RED juice (Ningxia Red)?

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NingXia Red is Young Living’s wildly popular supplement drink designed to energize, fortify & revitalize body and mind. It’s loaded with phytonutrients. So what? You might be thinking, welcome to the crowded space of “energy drinks”. Not really.

Ningxia vs Starbucks you're worth it trace elements in ningxia wolfberry

Here’s why Ningxia Red (some people pronounce it ‘ninja’) is worth earmarking some of your grocery  & wellness budget:

Helps prevent against oxidative stress. When we have a healthy amount of antioxidants in our diets we get a defense for neutralizing the free radicals so our cells will be able to do what they were designed to do because they aren’t under attack. Dietary antioxidants help us maintain health and protect us from disease states that have been linked to free radical damage. You don’t have to go very far on Google to learn what could happen to a body if free radicals are left unchecked.

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  • It is extraordinarily good for supporting a healthy immune system.

Our gut is 70-85% of our immune system-we need to keep it optimally healthy! NingXia wolfberry has L-glutamine (among the 18 other amino acids like  L- arginine, L-leucine). L-glutamine is necessary for the growth and repair of your intestinal lining. 

  • It can help maintain normal healthy body ph.
  • It helps maintain normal healthy levels of cholesterol and triglyceride.
  • It helps support normal healthy eyesight.
  • It helps support normal healthy blood sugar levels.

Everyone (and I mean everyone… myself included) takes in too much sugar through their diets. With only 2g sugar per ounce it has a very low glycemic index. So you won’t get jacked up on sugar but will benefit from the energy boost. I don’t tend to crave sugary foods when I drink NingXia every day. 

  • It helps support a normal healthy mood.
  • NingXia Red can be given to babies, children, the elderly, and even pets.  Dilute with water for babies and pets.

It is suggested to drink 2-4 oz/day: 1-2 oz in the am and 1-2 oz in the pm. You may want to add an additional 2oz/day if you feel like you want a little extra immune support. Studies show that there is no additional benefit to drinking more than 6oz/day, so 6oz. day should be the max.

80 species of wolf berry




The NingXia wolf berries ARE different than the generic “gojii berries” you’ll find on the market. The Ningxia berries have the highest protein content (13-16%) of all the other varieties and because of this, they go for $40/lb instead of the less desirable gojii/wolfberries that go for $17/lb. Ingredients and where and how they are sourced matter in everything you’ll ever find from Young Living.

NingXia Red contains the WHOLE wolf berry puree, a super fruit blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate and plum juices , grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract with stevia extract to sweeten it. It’s the only drink with essential oils IN the drink: Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, Tangerine.

Here’s what some people are saying:

“The best thing so far is it has completely killed my 2-3 o’clock “tired” feeling. I couldn’t even take a nap if I tried:) No more dragging around. I can’t live without my Ningxia!”

“It has helped support my respiratory system and for my husband, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. My husband started using it daily about two weeks into Law Enforcement Training, and he sad he could immediately feel it supporting his energy levels, general health, and he even said his workouts felt “easier”!

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