Why you should diffuse oils

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Diffusing essential oils puts essential oils is the quickest easiest way to get oils into you. We breathe them in and they immediately come into contact with the nerves that send them right to the brain, especially the emotional center. The brain does all kinds of smart things with these aroma “signals” that benefit us.

Here’s one really good reason to diffuse – getting those kiddos down for naps! Chill everyone out. Bad day? Mad? Feeling blah/bored? Sleepy? Want to be sleepy? Funky smell in the house? Put oils in that diffuser and GO!

Mom's diffusing those oils again...

Diffusing supports relaxation and a restful sleep. Try Lavender, or Stress Away (there’s nearly a couple hundred oil options to diffuse with Young Living… check out the catalog!)

lets spend night together home diffuser


Diffusing next to your bed is a popular way to support a great night’s rest! If it’s winter, you might like to diffuse RC or Thieves. Springtime… Purification or Raven. Want to shut off the active brain that’s a little overburdened with a big “to-do” list? Here are a few of my favorite soothing bedtime aromas: Lavender, Clove, Believe blend, Sacred Mountain, Stress Away, Cedarwood + Lavender together, Frankincense.

Boost the immune! If you are relaxed enough to get to sleep, your immune system will benefit from the rest. So… diffuse!

Get ENERGIZED! Remember when I told you that we smell the oils being diffused, they go right to our brain? Our brain will respond by signaling the body “Hey! Wake UP!” My personal 2 favorites are Peppermint and Brain Power. You will most definitely see me putting a drop of Peppermint in my hand and inhaling the aroma before and during a tennis match! I like to put a drop of Peppermint on my gums too, the cooling sensation from the mint is so refreshing!

12a cat and diffuser

Your PETS will appreciate “certain” aromas. Be nice. Don’t blow them out of the room with too many drops in a diffuser just because you think they or their litter box stink. Always allow them a way to leave the room when they’ve gotten enough. Hint: try something with Valerian or Cedarwood for your kitty. Northern Lights Black Spruce dog whisperer


My dog happens to love Northern Lights Black Spruce.
12b ditch the candle for a diffuser




If you’re like me and you’ve been reading up on how there are icky chemicals surrounding us… you’ll want to “green” up your home. Diffusing is an easy way to change the way your house smells and cleanse the air. Oils like Purification, Lemon, Thieves are great oils for this. These are in my top 10 oils I tend to re-order because I find them so useful.



YL diffuser guide


There are lots of choices when it comes to diffusing. Make sure you get a decent warranty on whatever one you buy. I like the diffusers from YL. They are sturdy, easy to use and the warranty is good. The one I use the most is the Dewdrop. It’s also one that anyone can start with when they get the “getting started with oils” pack when they open a YL account.



Use my referral code #939488 when you open your Young Living account and I will send you free training that will make supporting your vibrant health with essential oils a no brainer 😉



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