Name: Alicia Dorsey
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Phone: 864.238.5474
Welcome! Essential Oils are everywhere but the hardest part of learning about them is where to start and who to trust... I totally get that! I had NO clue where to start, all I knew was I wanted to make a healthy lifestyle shift in our family and I thought all oils were of equal quality. We were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by a friend and have fallen in LOVE with them! We have OILS everywhere.. the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, my car.. yeah literally everywhere. I love seeing how each oil is full of "character" if you will :) They can be used in so many ways. What makes Young Living Essential oils different? I ask the same thing. I have always thought all oils were equal. Now I know differently and I can tell the difference. Why did I choose YL oils over all the others that are available? The MAIN reason I chose Young Living's Essential Oils.. Seed to Seal Promise. This is huge to me ... I wanted to best for our family and wanted to get the best possible results from using the oils. Young Living uses only 100% pure oils... unchanged from Seed to Seal. There are no additives in their oils and they take nothing away from them to alter their natural state. This is a guarantee that you will not get with over the counter oils! We wanted only the purest, most precious oils for our family and Young Living has them! I'm excited you stopped by, take a look around and become more familiar with each oil. I love hearing from you.. I would love to hear how you would use them in our home. If you have questions or are interested in starting your own personal oil journey, contact me anytime. Health & Blessings! Derrick & Alicia Dorsey

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