Why Young Living Essential Oils?

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Come on a journey with me, and enjoy the wellness and benefits of the best essential oils available today.

I began my exploration into essential oils to discover how they can improve my life, and that of my mother, who has dementia. I am her 24/7 caregiver, so I also needed a home business that allowed me the freedom I need to be there for her. I have seen real results and want to share with you learning, networking, business building, and enjoying a healthier, toxic-free lifestyle.

Why I Started Using Essential Oils

I’ve been intrigued by essential oils and aromatherapy for years. I bought an aromatherapy book way back in 1993. But it was just a curiosity back then, and I didn’t immerse myself in it. I was young, and skinny, and healthy, so what benefits did I really need to seek? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Well, I’m not old, but I’m not young anymore. And I haven’t been skinny for years. But I am actually pretty healthy. I started on my journey of exploration into essential oils for Mom, more than for me. And now I’m kicking myself for not getting serious about them decades ago.

Why Young Living

Young Living is committed to purity, quality and science in all their products. That mattered to me. Their Seed to Seal commitment means they own all their own farms all over the world and control their processes from planting and maintaining crops, to harvesting, to distilling and delivery right to my door.

Purity Matters

Because Young Living ensures the highest quality with pure oils, I never have to worry about fillers or additives that not only do not add any benefit to my and Mom’s essential oil use, but can be harmful! If you buy an essential oil that has a list of warnings and cautions on the label, it’s NOT pure and it’s not going to provide the true benefits that only pure oils can. And you’re wasting your money on additives that do not need to be and should not be in your essential oil.


Ensure The Quality of Your Oils

If you are interested in exploring Young Living essential oils, keep one thing in mind—only purchase from an official Young Living distributor—hopefully me! Don’t be fooled by supposed Young Living products on Amazon or other sites. If you are not buying direct from Young Living, you are not getting a real Young Living product. Young Living makes sure that its distributors provide customers with their products only through their organization.

Do Your Own Research

As I was advised when I became a member of the Young Living family, do your own research. This website provides a wealth of information on: the company, the company’s founders, the processes for producing the best essential oils you can get, and how you can build a business by sharing your passion. There is also information about the oils, and all their products, from single oils, to blends, health supplements, hair and body care, even products for kids and pets.

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**I am not a medical doctor and I am not here to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or ailment. Be educated about your personal choices and make sure you do your own research as it relates to the use of Essential Oils**

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