February 2018 Monthly Oiler Newsletter and Promos…

Leslie BusseyThe Monthly Oiler Newsletter

SO much good oily news today- First HERE is the link to the FEBRUARY Monthly Oiler Newsletter: http://bit.ly/tmofebruary18 FULL of info and tips and recipes!
February is the time to SPLURGE on yourself and your loved ones!


Y’all. Raise your hand if you rarely buy luxurious things for yourself because… WE BE TAKING CARE OF ERRYBODY ELSE!!!!

Confession: I’ve never bought the bath bombs for ME- only for others!!!

Okay. The PROMO!!!!!! Get ready to be SPOILED!!!!! Because YL is indulging is with the pampering of pampering this month!! I ALWAYS order between $300-$500 each month- that’s right- YL is my one stop shop!

💗SENSATION eo!!!!!! This hormonally balance oil allows us to enjoy our femininity to the nth degree!!! Sensation is perfect for every woman to feel her absolute best….and sexy!!! Our environment and day in day out factors play a huge role on our hormonal wellness…let Sensation eo bless you. You will fall in love with who you were designed to be, the best you, and perhaps enjoy your significant other a little more because YOU feel your best!😘

💗Patchouli eo! If you want to treat your skin to a spa experience on the daily, use this oil on your face, elbows, heels, anywhere you need some tlc. And what’s so also amazing about patchouli? IT HELPS DRY YOUR SKIN TOO!!! Whatever your skin needs are, it comes in for the skin win! From eczema and zits to wrinkles and chapped spots! Patchouli is the queen of skin serum, I mean, essential oil. #feelslikeaserum#youfeellikeaqueen

💗V6 Carrier Oil- my absolutely most favourite carrier oil! A blend of 6 amazing for you carrier oils in one pump bottle! I love it on its own too as a quick nourishing skin patch/area treatment.

💗Lavender BATH BOMBS!!!!! Truly. I can’t even. These are so self-explanatory…and I’ve never heard a single negative thing about them. So let YL love on you this month and be pampered with a few bath of Lavender luxury!💜 I am SO excited about these!!

💗Sclaressence- a woman-specific blend of Clary Sage, Peppermint, Spanish Fennel, and Fennel… another hormone balancing blend of naturally occurring phytoestrogens! Say WHAAAAT!? 😍 It helps the body produce the appropriate amount of hormones, supporting our estrogen levels. Soothing, balancing, calming and beautifully aromatic! This oil blend is a woman game changer! THIS BOTTLE has MY NAME on it at my house- literally! #balancedhormonesHappyLife <—the true statement ☺️

**Sclaressence and Lavender bath bombs are available as freebies for ER orders only. So JUMP ON ER THIS MONTH FOR SURE!!!! Maximize your YL membership🎉😘💗

💗 Happy February!!!!!! 💗


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