The Monthly Oiler – January 2018

Leslie BusseyThe Monthly Oiler Newsletter

Check out the DIY car diffuser in this issue!  It’s an easy and practical way to diffuse on-the-go- just be sure to “reload” our oils every couple of days.   The January Promo is sure to get you ready to meet those New Year goals!

January promos 2018_n


COPAIBA- pronounced Co-Pie-Eeee-Buh 😉 is my saving grace for any inflammation- after a workout, after working a long day at the computer and my arm feels like it is about to fall off….Copaiba in a capsule to the rescue to soothe that inflammation that is causing the discomfort.

➕ Super Cal+ is basically the trusted veteran Super Cal with BONUS POWERS!! Think bone health beyond calcium and add magnesium and trace minerals!!

💚 Spearmint: digestion, metabolism, releases emotional blocks

🙌🏼 Deep Relief (NOT the roll-on!): a member fave being made available as an oil…undiluted! Aka deeeeeeeep relief🙌🏼

💙 Panaway: every new member gets this treat and is a very popular reorder oil…so whoop whoop it’s free this month in the monthly promo!! Let this blend help take the “discomfort” away after that exercise class.. 🙃