Black Pepper Kosher Salt

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Salt n Pepa

Who couldn’t use a little bit more time in their life, amiright?? Stop wasting precious seconds seasoning your food. Grabbing the salt AND the pepper? Ugh. So hard. Who has time for all that? Instead, add a few drops of Black Pepper Vitality to your salt! You’ll be in flavor country with just ONE step. Use that saved time to … Read More

DIY Skincare – Easy Cleansing Wipes

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Facial Cleansing Wipes

These cleansing wipes are great for even the most hygiene averse — the pre-teen boy set.  What an easy way to get those faces washed without complaint.  Or at least less complaints.  This swipe and go cleanser can be tailored to any skin type by adjusting the essential oils, so even the mamas can enjoy their ease of use.  We … Read More

DIY Bath Bombs

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  There are few better simple pleasures in life than a hot bath.  These DIY bath bombs can take your bath experience up a serious notch.  These bombs are moisturizing, smell delightful and the fizz factor is just plain FUN!  You can customize these endlessly with your favorite essential oil combinations. Wouldn’t this make the sweetest gift for a mama, … Read More

DIY Aromatherapy Tissues

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This simple DIY will be soothing noses in no time.  These essential oil infused tissues literally take seconds to make and couldn’t be more lovely.  We made our first batch of tissues with Young Living’s RC – a blend of oils including Spruce, Cypress and three different varieties of Eucalyptus.  It smells amazing and is wonderful for clearing the head. … Read More

Sassy Water

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sassy water graphic

Tired of the plain old stuff?  This recipe makes the tastiest, healthiest beverage you will ever try.  Lightly flavored with Young Living essential oils this is sure to be a crowd pleaser.