My Family is Bananas for Banana Bread

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There they hung, stems all hard and brown barely hanging on before they started to self peel from the weight of their ripeness. The Bananas in my fruit bowl. Yesterday, I noticed not one of the bunch I had bought last week had been eaten.

Not. A. One.

Yet every week there they are one the grocery list like a bad seed – BANANAS.   Oh and BTW not just any Bananas. My husband seems to be a bit of a Banana “snob”. He requests Guatemalan or Ecuadorian bananas. If I bring home Bananas from some other Country he can “tell by the taste”. That would be a great scientific study to get started and I’m sure you could somehow get Federal Grant money for it too.  Start writing your application now. Can you really taste the difference between bananas based on the country they are from? I’m sure there is some science behind it all – soil, water, air, temperature – makes a difference in how they taste.

He also says he can “taste” the difference between milk in a plastic carton and a paper carton – Oy , That’s a story for another day! And one I have sworn my kids to secrecy – if he ever found out – eeek.

So what’s a person to do who has 6 ever ripening bananas in her fruit bowl just waiting to bring on a swarm of pesky fruit flies?

Make banana bread of course!

Ready to go in the Oven!  Shhhh! "Top Secret" Topping - do you see it?

Ready to go in the Oven! Shhhh! “Top Secret” Topping – do you see it?

My family knows this and I do believe it is some secret conspiracy. They know I will NOT throw those bananas out. For a few weeks I thwarted their efforts and froze the ripe bananas to be used in smoothies. But can you guess what happened? That’s right – I have a gallon sized freezer bag of frozen mushed bananas taking up precious space in my freezer! Their plot to force me to make my ever famous Banana Bread with “Top Secret” topping worked.

I can’t even remember where I found this recipe so many years ago, so I can’t give credit to the baker but I have tweaked it quite a bit over the years and of course the “Top Secret” topping is all mine. My husband often gets a bit freaked out when I pull out the recipe card and begin to make it because you can just barely read the handwritten recipe on card. The writing is so faded  (I did start to write over it and must’ve gotten interrupted) and the card is so dirty. “Shouldn’t you write that on a new card?” and “What are you going to do when you can’t read that anymore?” to which my reply is ” “oh, I guess I won’t be able to make it anymore.”  Could that be why I got that new pretty package of recipe cards in my Christmas stocking last year?

Original Recipe - Front of card

Original Recipe – Front of card – ingredients

Original Recipe - back of card

Original Recipe – back of card – directions


So I finally did it and copied the recipe on a pretty little recipe card –

Banana Bread with topping


Now, a bit about that “Top Secret” Topping – it’s not really anything special. I say it’s “Top Secret” because when people taste my banana bread they can’t always ask me “What’s on top?” and are always so SURPRISED when I tell them what it is.

And here is the finished product – Yummmm!

Do you have a recipe that your family just cannot live with out? A favorite that they would be devastated if the recipe was lost? Please share in the comments.

All done - yummy goodness!

All done – yummy goodness!

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