Can Oils Rock Your World?

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oils rock my world

It’s been almost a year since I started using Young Living Essential Oils and I cannot believe the difference in my life!

I ordered my kit on September 29th 2014 and I had no idea of the changes to come. I started using the oils as soon as I got them that first week of October. The first oil I used?  Valor. Why? I was needing muscle support and I had read that it could help. And it did! Within in a week I was moving so much better. I read up on the oils in the kit  ( unfortunately Valor no longer comes in the Premium Starter Kit ) and started to incorporate them into my everyday. The money I was no longer using on prescriptions, OTC medications and Dr Visits I put into my monthly oil order. After a few months I started changing out store bought supplements for Young Living supplements ( Did you know they have supplements ??- they ROCK too!) Now my house has Young Living products everywhere – in every nook and cranny and with all the new awesome products they just released -dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, Fruit and Veggie wash/spray to mention a few – they will be everywhere. Surprisingly my grocery bills have gone down – Say What?

Is a Chemical Free Home Possible?

Well I’d like to think so. I am probably not even 1/2 way there  – Baby Steps. I’ve switched to Thieves cleaner and love it. It can be used on every surface and is great on laundry stains and that gross hairspray residue I get on my bathroom vanity. No scrubbing! Awesome! I switched to Young Living shampoo and conditioner – no sulfates or nasty chemicals. I tried Young Livings body wash and liked it but found it to be costly with the way I go through body wash so I make my own with coconut oil, Castile soap, honey and YL essential oils. I use the Orange Blossom face wash and make it last longer by putting 2 tbls in a foaming soap container filled with water. I make a face toner using witch hazel and YL essential oils – less harsh than some of the store bought ones I have tried. I am using a face serum at night made with coconut oil, YL Frankincense and Myrrh oils. This month I’ll be switching out my laundry detergent and dishwashing soap with YL’s Thieves line they just introduced. I have a feeling the dish soap with be costly like the body wash – I’m thinking I just have a heavy hand with those things. And the laundry detergent will depend if my husband likes it – he can be really persnickety about smells. I use wool dryer balls instead of the dryer sheets. Love these because I can switch out the oils and use different scents depending on my mood.  I no longer take OTC remedies and am finding great success with YL essential oils. My kids will come to me and ask for supporting oils for everyday issues. My husband still prefers OTC remedies as of now. It’s a work in progress. I no longer use air fresheners, candles or wax melts. No more worries about leaving candles burning or the melter plugged in too long. I have quite a few diffusers( they auto shut off which is great) and use them often changing out the oils to suit my mood or needs for support. Thieves is a great fall favorite, supports the immune system and smells wonderful.

Things I need to work on replacing –

I need to try some of the hair spritz recipe’s I’ve seen to replace my hair products but I’m a bit persnickety when it comes to my hair. I make my own wipes using Thieves cleaner and paper towel but still have Lysol/Clorox wipes around the house. I haven’t gone so far as to throw out or give away the toxic cleaners under my sink and have yet to find a home made toilet bowl cleaner that works as well as the store bought but I will get there. There are so many ideas and recipes out there for home made cleaners and chemical free replacements that all you really need to get started is the Premium Starter Kit. Young Living also offers a Thieves Premium Starter Kit if you want to go chemical free and try the cleaner but are not into making your own oily items.

Why I think Young Living Essential Oils Rock my World –

Since I have been using Young Living Essential Oils I have discovered  a road to health and wellness I never new existed. I feel better and have more energy than I have in years. What they have done in supporting my body systems they have more than doubled that support mentally. I am on a road of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. Come join me!

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