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Planning makes perfect?

We recently got back from our vacation in which we traveled to Maine stopping in Ohio, Niagara, NY and Salem, MA before enjoying 3 days on the Beach in Boothbay, ME then heading to Bangor, ME for the day. Almost 3000 miles by the time we got back to Illinois.  I was confused over which oils to bring with me. Why can’t I just bring them all? Because what if you forget and leave them all at the Hotel. Ugh! So I picked and chose and reconsidered and re picked. I had researched some calming oils that would support a healthy Nervous System because honestly I don’t travel well. I do ok for a bit but after a few too many hours in the car I tend to get a bit squirrely. So much so that my husband said “I hope that works or you may find yourself on the side of the road”. He was kidding – ok maybe not so much.  So I made sure to take along my newly purchased Aromaease , German Chamomile and Cypress. I also brought along my “mini” diffuser that I scored on clearance a month or so ago for $10. What else did  I bring? Basically a mini kit in a travel pouch. Also my supplements – Sulfurzyme, Multi Greens, Allerzyme, Super B, NingXia and Nitro. Oh and my Tranquil roll-on to support some healthy sleep.

So how’d it go?

Rather well actually. When that squirrelly feeling started to hit I pulled out my Aromaease, rubbed a drop on my wrists and inhaled deeply. A few times, after 6+ hours in the car, I brought out the German Chamomile for a bit of punch.  I used peppermint to help keep alert – a drop on the tongue and a swipe under the nose is great for that. Also helps with that icky tummy feeling. The diffuser came in handy with the first hotel in Ohio. I diffused purification to get rid of the stale air smell.

On to Niagara. Did I mention I kind of don’t like bridges. Lots of bridges. We drove over so many bridges I lost count. I was even able to take a picture or two which is a great improvement over clenching the armrest and looking straight ahead. I thought Niagara was a bit Wisconsin Dell-ish and was glad we only planned on spending a day.


We drove on to Salem and spent a half day there but really wish we had more time. Quaint little town and really friendly people.  By this time 3 days in the same place and on the Beach was sounding quite wonderful. I had booked some ocean front property with a Groupon back in May and had been looking forward to this portion of the trip.


Summer Rental?

I did my research – Honestly I did! It’s what I do but somehow this one slipped through the cracks a bit. I read reviews and looked at Trip Advisor before I booked – It was a Groupon after all. I mentioned to a friend where we were going and they said they enjoyed it when they stayed in the area so I’m good right?  First tip off – Reviews said that there were restaurants/food within walking distance. Once we turned on to Ocean Point Drive there was nothing but the trees and wildlife. I wouldn’t suggest walking on that narrow, curving, winding road unless you have a death wish. We drive and drive and drive and I try to remind  myself this is pretty much at the tip of a peninsula. We finally find the place and upon checking in are told that we are in the building at the top of the hill. Second tip off – When the resort clerk says “take the 2nd gravel road up the hill to park and get access to your building”  The scenery was right out of a horror movie – was that a hockey mask peeking at me from those bushes? Third and final tip off –  Entering your room and seeing the air conditioner unit unplugged and a fan ( yes a box fan) in the window. Remember that movie Summer Rental with John Candy? He rents a house on a beach resort and when he and his family get there they find it’s nothing more than a hut on the beach. Ok, so it’s not that bad but I traveled over 1000 miles to spend 3 days in 80+ degree weather in a room with a BOX FAN in the window? Ummm, I don’t think so – Got things worked out. The manager gave us an upgrade to a room with a kitchenette and a wonderful view of the beach. We made the best of the situation by going to the grocery store in town and picking up a few items so we only needed to go into town once a day for a meal instead of two or three. I should mention there was terrible spotty WiFi, no cell service at all and basic TV channels. So I got a quick lesson on being off the grid.

At this point we both were a bit exhausted with the travel. The Husband was getting over a summer cold that I had shared with him shortly before we left on the trip and I had an uncomfortable “sit”uation  come up that just made me well uncomfortable – with out getting all TMI. I was glad to read that the German Chamomile and Cypress I brought with might be helpful and it was. So we relaxed and read on the beach and enjoyed the sunsets and the only regret I have is not eating enough lobstah. I do have to say I am a bit disappointed that I did not hear anyone say “ayuh” or “lobstah”. Was I really in Maine?


The next stop was Bangor, ME. I am a big Stephen King fan and was so excited to find that someone was doing tours of Bangor. SK Tours of Maine was awesome and well worth the money. A three hour tour (minimum)  covering places in Bangor that inspired Stephen King’s writing and a stop at his house. Stu who takes you on the tour knows Stephen King personally from his bookstore days and lives in Bangor a few blocks away from him. I was hoping to meet The Man himself as some tour goers had been lucky enough to have happen to them- but no such luck. The King family was at the lake for the weekend. We would have liked to stay longer to explore the cool cemetery where Pet Cemetery was filmed and explore the newly renovated Downtown but after being away from home for 6 days we were both getting a bit antsy to get home. I missed my kids and my dog.

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All Roads lead to Home

We had planned to stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY but because of some goings on we were unable to find a hotel room under $300 and so decided to head home. This was one of our more tame vacations. Normally we stop at odd roadside attractions like the Giant Pink Elephant and we didn’t even make it to the Desert of Maine.

I have to say I believe Young Living Essential Oils made a big difference on this trip vs our trip to New Orleans last year without oils. I was more relaxed and able to go with the flow when things did not go as planned. A lot less squirrely as you can see, as I did not end up on the side of the road.  Traveling with essential oils may take bit more thought. It’s not like you can go to the corner store and pick up a bottle of lavender if you run out – Well you shouldn’t pick up a bottle of lavender at the corner store – and you can make do and use what you have.

Some suggestions –

  • Bring a glass water bottle to add your oils to your water. Not all the Hotels we stayed at offered glass glasses in the room.
  • Order packets of NingXia and Nitro to bring with. These worked really great for travel.
  • Invest in a mini diffuser. Getting rid of the odd smells in the Hotel rooms definitely makes you feel more at home and relaxed.

Next year Disney with the Family!

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