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Hi There!

I’m glad you’ve found me. Whether you stumbled upon my Website/Blog, were invited, shared with a friend – I’m glad you’re here. I’ll be sharing a bunch about Young Living Essential Oils, supplements, uses, recipes, tips and more. I’ll also share how I use Young Living on a daily basis  – how I’ve made it a part of my life. And I will share how I try to live on the positive side of life after years and years of living with the negative. I’ve made changes but still struggle with keeping the negativity out. Sometimes that means making some hard decisions and setting some boundaries with people, friends and even family.

So a bit about me and how I discovered a new passion for life with Young Living.

I’ve been married for 24 years. I’m a mother to two (21 and 16), I’ve been working in the Financial/Accounting world for 25 years. I love my job that I currently have at a small Community Bank but I struggle daily reminding myself that my job is not my life.  Leaving the stress at work and not bringing it home can be an issue.  We have a few pets : A cockatiel aptly named Bird, a parakeet –  Kiwi and a Siberian Husky  – Zelda. Our little family is just that. We have very little contact with our extended family due to conflicts, negativity, setting boundaries and how all those things are perceived. I know I am not alone and that its a bit taboo – something that’s not really talked about but I’ve described my self as an orphan by choice for many years.

So how does Young Living come into this?

Just about 10 months ago I was at an all time low. Occasionally depressed, in constant physical pain, struggling to get through the day to day. I would go to work, push myself to make it the whole day, come home exhausted and just shut down. I spent most of my time outside of work at Doctor visits, physical therapy and trying to find answers. Weekends were spent trying to recoup from the work week and catch up on everything. I felt I was always behind and I couldn’t catch a break. I was disorganized, scatter brained and I often said to myself “this is not the life I asked for”. I was a mess.  I had a lot on my mind – I felt we were going to need to sell our two story house and move to a ranch because I physically could not do stairs. I could not keep up with the day to day cleaning let alone yard work on a 1/4 acre lot.  I was pushing my Doctors for some kind diagnosis so I could start the process for disability and get handicapped license plates. I was missing out on so much with my kids, family friends. When we did go out and do things we would joke about getting a cane or walker or scooter but it was becoming a reality. I was unsure how much longer I would be able to keep pushing myself to work full time. My employer had been accommodating, flexible and understanding but I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I am thankful that my husband kept things going. He cooks, cleans and does just about everything except fold laundry. That’s where he draws the line. As for extended family during this time well, they were there in the outskirts. I was invited to Bridal Showers, Weddings, Baby Showers etc. which I declined. I withdrew. Not only from family obligations but friends too. I did not want anyone to see where I was at. They would ask why and I had no answers. They would offer suggestions, Doctors to see and I just couldn’t do it anymore. Honestly I didn’t want to hear it.

I was online and came across a Savings/Coupon Blog. I don’t remember why it caught my attention but I looked at a couple of pages and there was a post about Young Living Essential Oils. I had never heard of essential oils but the Bloggers story peaked my interest. I started researching and reading anything I could find about essential oils. I had no idea how many companies were out there. Why had I never heard of this before? Oh there was some bad stuff, but you need to keep it all in context and weed out the crazy people, drama, hate filled speculation and theory. I did this for about 3 weeks. I finally went back to the original site I saw the information on and purchased a Premium Starter Kit. I figured 1. It costs me the same as a Doctor visit, 2. It was a last ditch effort and I had nothing to lose. I was currently on an 18 month wait list just to get an appointment with a specialists. Yes – 18 months just for the appointment which would probably be scheduled out another 12 months. I was in limbo. I should be honest and say that I did have a bit of ulterior motive – I figured when I could no longer work I could at least sell oils until my disability kicked in and the tax write off for a home based business wouldn’t hurt either.

About a week later the kit arrived. I had been added to the Facebook Groups and had been reading up and researching the oils that came in the Premium Starter Kit and how they might help me.  Let me tell you the support you receive in the Oily Families, Oil Nation Groups is the best. I felt so welcome from the beginning. The Groups are so positive, supportive and uplifting. The first thing I did was use several of the oils to make a DIY cream used for muscular support ( need to stay FDA compliant folks) and I was amazed at how I felt. I have incorporated Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements into my everyday life. It has been 10 months since I have not needed to take anything OTC. I have switched out most of my cleaning products with Young Living’s Thieves products. I have traded my beauty products for Young Living products. I look at where I am today and cannot believe the difference Young Living Essential Oils and the Young Living Company has made in my life. The Young Living Company in itself is such a positive entity.

A lot of people question WHY Young Living and not one of the other Companies?

You really need to make that decision on your own. I based my decision off the vibe I got from people’s ( and distributors) posts about the company itself, any competition and how they responded to negative feedback on essential oil use.  If there was any negativity I disregarded the Company. I had enough negativity in my life, I didn’t need to invite more in. I also appreciated the Young Living Seed to Seal and what it stands for. Purity and standards mean a lot to me.

I understand that essential oils may not be for everyone. Some people are more comfortable popping a couple of Motrin when they need to and I get that. Just don’t dismiss essential oils as a fad or hippie way of life. Essential oils can be your road to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. Let me show you how.

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