My Oily Path to Wellness

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My Oily Path to Wellness began October 2014 when I received my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils. I had argued with myself over the cost of the kit ($150) for quite a while. We had growing medical bills. I was seeing a few Doctors on a regular basis for 5+ years and had just stopped prescribed physical therapy after 4 months with no improvement. Not to mention all the tests the Doctors wanted me have done. Who can afford to have an MRI every 3 to 6 months even with insurance? Not to mention the effects that has on your body.  I took the plunge. Not only did I order the Premium Starter Kit but I also signed up for the Essential Rewards ( auto ship) Program. Earning a % back and reduced shipping – How could I pass it up! I also scored some Freebies with that order too! It was a big risk. But I figured at that point I had nothing to lose. It was a last ditch effort on my part and if it didn’t work I would likely be putting my 2 story house on the market to downgrade to a ranch w/o stairs or a yard. I would be taking a medical leave of absence from my full time job until I could file for disability and I would have to keep pushing the Doctors for a diagnosis that they didn’t seem to want to give.  I was ready to take my health back into my own hands.

Research is a Girls Best Friend –

While I waited for my order to arrive I started reading up on what oils to use. There was (and is) such a wealth of information out there – maybe too much – this was pre compliancy days. Now we (Young Living Members) are asked to keep things compliant, as in no diagnosing, prescribing or statements naming diseases. If you know of someone making such claims I would question their motives.  I read everything I could find. Some good, some bad. I made my own decisions about what I would use when I got my Premium Start Kit and made notes so I wouldn’t forget. You should do the same. You know your body and mind better than anyone else and you know what you need. Empower yourself with knowledge.

So Many Choices – Baby Steps-

There are so many options with Young Living Essential Oils, supplements, food items, beauty items etc. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed because you will become confused and end up not using anything. Start out slow with just the oils in the Premium Starter Kit.  The kit contains a great variety of essential oils that offer support to all of the body systems. Don’t go crazy and apply all the oils they day you get them – again  go slow start out with just one or two. If you’ve ordered your kit from me you should have received a “Think Inside the Box” day by day, step by step, calendar to help you get started.

But which ones? There’s so many!

How do you pick which oils to start with? Well the first question to ask yourself is – Do you have a body system ( respiratory, circulatory, muscular, immune etc.) that could use some support? If yes, than see which oil can support that body system. If you can’t think of any specific support that you need I would start out with Lavender, Lemon or Thieves in the diffuser. These are great basic oils that support all body systems. If you ordered your Premium Starter Kit form me you will have received Educational Materials to help you with this.

One Step, Two Step, Cha cha cha-

Once you are using your oils you received on a regular basis then you can look for additional items to order. I would keep a Wish List going from day one. You will hear or read about an oil or maybe even sample it and then not remember what it was. A Wish List and notes as to why you want the oil are very helpful.  I also started trying supplements once I got comfortable using oils. This is where the Essential Rewards Program makes so much sense. It is an Auto ship Program that requires a $50 min order per month.  You pick the products. You pick the date.  You can change it every month. You earn a % of your order back in points to be used to order more products. Its a WIN -WIN. I have earned so much in FREE products by using Essential Rewards. Signing up for it when I ordered the  Premium Starter Kit was one of the best decisions I made and I didn’t even realize it.

Every Step You Take-

By ordering your Premium Starter Kit from me you are guaranteed to be gifted with a wealth of information and support. Not only will I send you information and Educational Materials about Young Living Essential Oils but you can join the Oily Families and Oil Nation (private)Facebook Group Community that offer even more information and support. I will personally help support you in you Oily Path to Wellness. If you’d like more information on ordering Young Living Essential Oils and joining our Oily Community please feel free to contact me.

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