Get Savvy!!

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savvy minerals makeup

A Savvy woman should NEVER have to compromise quality for beauty. Savvy minerals makeup was designed and created to bring amazing women like YOU a makeup that WORKS, with only the finest ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. Whether you’re looking for a safe toxin-free makeup or not, you will want to go with Savvy Minerals. The number one … Read More

Why it’s ok that everyone wants to sell Essential Oils

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  “Imitation is the best form of flattery”  – Charles Caleb Colton Yesterday you may have heard that another Company joined the Oily Bandwagon. Within a few minutes ( yes, minutes) of that breaking news my FB feed started blowing up. I know it seems every few weeks some Company that has nothing to do with Essential Oils starts selling them.  Maybe Pampered Chef , Tupperware, … Read More

MLM Home Based Business Companies

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      If you’re looking to get into a Home Based Business or MLM Marketing Company or already a part of one take a look at this list: Direct Selling Momentum Ranks – Top 200   Rank Name Country Website Score 1 Young Living Essential Oils United States 4001 2 Jeunesse Global United States 3980 3 Total Life … Read More

My Oily Path to Wellness

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My Oily Path to Wellness began October 2014 when I received my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils. I had argued with myself over the cost of the kit ($150) for quite a while. We had growing medical bills. I was seeing a few Doctors on a regular basis for 5+ years and had just stopped prescribed physical therapy after … Read More

Can Oils Rock Your World?

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    It’s been almost a year since I started using Young Living Essential Oils and I cannot believe the difference in my life! I ordered my kit on September 29th 2014 and I had no idea of the changes to come. I started using the oils as soon as I got them that first week of October. The first … Read More

Why you should only buy Essential Oils from…..

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Someone you trust! I bet you thought I was going to say Young Living right? After all I am an Independent  Distributor. I sell their products. I tell everyone I know how great they are, and my main goal is to get you to sign up to buy them too RIGHT? WRONG – so very, very wrong! Yes, I love Young … Read More

Hello – is it me you’re looking for?

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Hi There! I’m glad you’ve found me. Whether you stumbled upon my Website/Blog, were invited, shared with a friend – I’m glad you’re here. I’ll be sharing a bunch about Young Living Essential Oils, supplements, uses, recipes, tips and more. I’ll also share how I use Young Living on a daily basis  – how I’ve made it a part of … Read More