Why a Premium Starter Kit may not be the best option for you…

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It seems like everyone that shares Young Living advertises the Premium Starter Kit. They all tell you “It’s really the best way to get started.”  And at $160 starting price I can’t blame a person for thinking about it or hesitating on spending that kind of money not really knowing if it’s just going to sit on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.  I thought about it for 3 weeks before I took the plunge and bought my kit.

But the Premium Starter Kit may not be the answer for you for several reasons:

1. Maybe you won’t use any of the oils in the kit. Highly unlikely, but not unheard of,  maybe the support you need would come best from other oils that are not included in the kit.

2. Maybe you just can’t afford it. It is a lot of money.  That’s about one weeks groceries for my family of 4. Not everyone has that on hand and not earmarked for something else.

3. You don’t know if the oils are going to work. Why buy something you have no clue if it will work for you? I get it. I wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money on something that “might” work and that I “might” use daily, weekly or when I remember to. Honestly I did it out of desperation, a last resort type of decision.

4. It’s all so overwhelming ! And yes it is. Too much information and too many changes over too short of time will most likely lead to one big FAIL and your oils will sit on that shelf collecting dust.

5. My significant other would kill me!! Yup I get that too. My husband and I have an agreement if something is over a certain dollar amount we need to clear the purchase with each other. It’s a team effort staying on budget.

6. All my money is tied up for Christmas. Urgh ! Christmas, only 26 days away and I haven’t found my Christmas cheer yet. I’m sure it’s hiding in some dark corner or endless box of Christmas decorations.  Personally, I’ve taken to buying my own Christmas presents. So why not buy your own? But not necessarily the Premium Starter kit – that is what this whole blog is about – right? Why it might not be a good choice for you, not just excuses!

There are other options out there besides choosing the one that everyone talks about. I’m gonna be the one to step over those lines and tell you about them –

THE BIG SECRET ………….Did you know –  You don’t have to purchase a Premium Starter kit!

What? Really? No siree Bob – you don’t. But for obvious reasons you probably think it’s really the only choice.

Anyway, options 

You can purchase oils Retail –  at a 24% mark-up – Not the cheapest way to go but if you only need one or two and you just want to give em a try this might be the way to go.

A cheaper way to go would be to sign up Wholesale with a Basic Kit – $45 you get some Sample Sachets, Ningxia Samples and a 5ml bottle of Stress Away.  Then you can purchase any oil(s) you want/need at Wholesale prices ( 24% off ). So, it’s not like you get nothing and in my opinion it’s better than a Sams or Costco Memberships where you get absolutely nada except the privilege to shop there.

But a cheaper way is to ASK!  Yup that’s right. Following someone, scopin out their FB page or Blog and see them talkin up the oils – Just ask if you can purchase through them with their discount and give an oil or two a try. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind as long as you don’t make a habit of it. Trial basis only please! Let’s not take advantage of each other here.

But the absolutely cheapest way to get you some oils is to ASK for a SAMPLE! You bet – I love to give out samples. Its the best of both worlds. You get to try them out I get to write it off on my taxes as a business expense. I get so excited when someone wants to try oils and takes me up on my offer of free samples. Now, I’m not going to send you a 5 ml bottle of the oil to try. My normal samples are 10- 20 drops of an oil, enough for you to give it a good trial. If its specific system support you are looking for I have no problem sharing an oily protocol and sending out several samples to you. Let’s talk.

I know not everyone has the same attitude I do. I hear some people say ” Oh I can’t give out a sample of that it’s so expensive” or ” I need that one for me to use everyday”  Well, I don’t see things that way – If I have it I will share it. I don’t use the term “share” interchangeably with “sell” like some do. I apologize for them – they just don’t get it. smh

So if you’d like to order a Premium Starter Kit please do so here. ( Enter your information and choose the kit of your choice when you get to kit options  – if you need help just holla)

If you’d like to order a Basic Starter Kit please do so here. ( Enter your information and choose the $45 kit when you get to kit options  – if you need help just holla)

If you’d like to trial order through me with my discount ( you may need to pay s & h ) please send me an email or PM me on FB here and we can work something out.

If you’d like a sample, samples or even a sample size of  the Premium Starter Kit oils please send me an email or PM me on FB here – lets talk – I promise I’m not going to try to hard sell you on anything. It’s just not me.

If you are so overwhelmed by all the information out there, are truly interested in Essential Oils and giving them a try but have questions, please reach out to me, send an email, PM me on FB or even give me a call ( I will answer if I’m not working my day job and I will return your call if you leave a message. You can find my information on my FB page here)  We can talk and I can help you wade through all the information and help you decide where to start. If you’re local we can meet face to face. Again I promise, no hard sell.  It’s not what I do.

So Secrets out !  Don’t fall for the hard sell – you have lots of options when starting with Essential oils.

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