Why it’s ok that everyone wants to sell Essential Oils

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“Imitation is the best form of flattery”  – Charles Caleb Colton

Yesterday you may have heard that another Company joined the Oily Bandwagon. Within a few minutes ( yes, minutes) of that breaking news my FB feed started blowing up. I know it seems every few weeks some Company that has nothing to do with Essential Oils starts selling them.  Maybe Pampered Chef , Tupperware, Aldi or even your corner Jiffy Lube ( “Get a free lemon oil with an oil change!” ) will be next.  Some who share Young Living Essential Oils were upset, frustrated, irritated, even complaining about it. “How dare they? How do we compete with them? They’re not REAL Essential Oils! ” Please, let’s not be negative or waste the energy.  This is actually GREAT news. Really it’s all good. I am  – dare I say it –  happy about this!

These Companies are only in it for the money. Essential Oils are so popular and trendy right now they just want a piece of the pie. They are going to offer the cheapest product they can find and sell it at the highest mark up they can. They are not in it for the long haul or for the health benefits of  you, their customers.  These Companies would be selling their version of Beanie Babies if it was 1995.  Remember the hoopla surrounding that craze? Every where you went some Company was offering their own special licensed Beanie Baby or knock offs like beanie boos. People actually went to jail for selling counterfeit Beanie Babies.

I say let these Companies add Essential Oils to their  lineup. Let them advertise, promote and sell them. You can even buy them if you like and are comfortable with the Company! I promise, I won’t hold it against you. (Read my blog about buying Essential Oils here)

What? Have I lost it? No, think about it……If they get you interested,  get you talking, researching and wanting to lean about Essential Oils that’s AWESOME! Once you want to learn more, get more involved with using Essential Oils and buy more varieties for specific health support issues that ‘s where WE ( Young Living ) can step in and help. WE can show you what Young Living Essential Oils can do. WE can teach you how to support you and your families health and wellness.  Young Living Essential Oils are more than just something you smell. WE can show you Young Living Essential Oils are a way of life and WE will be with you every step of the way helping you on your Oily Journey.



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