Why you should only buy Essential Oils from…..

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Someone you trust!

I bet you thought I was going to say Young Living right? After all I am an Independent  Distributor. I sell their products. I tell everyone I know how great they are, and my main goal is to get you to sign up to buy them too RIGHT? WRONG – so very, very wrong! Yes, I love Young Living Essential Oils. Yes, I love the Company itself and sometimes (don’t tell my husband) daydream of quitting my day job and running away to Utah to work for them – if they’d have me that is. Yes, I’d love it if you would jump on my Oily Bandwagon and shout from the rooftops that you love these crazy oils as much as I do and get all your friends to buy them too. But, if you don’t, well, then you don’t. We can still be friends. I’ll still meet you for lunch to catch up on the kids, family and yes, I’ll even answer your questions if you decide to use some other companies Essential Oils. Yup, I sure will.


Because the important thing is that you buy Essential Oils from someone you trust. And that means YOU do YOUR research and make YOUR OWN decision. Don’t jump on someone’s Oily train just because you want to be in hangin with the crunchy moms ( no offense meant to crunchy moms – I wish I could be way crunchy like you) so you can join in on the conversation while at the school bus stop. Look into the Company. Find one that fits in with your beliefs and attitude. Find one that makes you feel comfortable using Essential Oils. Now, does this mean you should go to the local health food store and buy them there? Well, did you read the label?  Can it be used topically? Many list aromatic use only. What do you know about the Company that is supplying the Essential Oils – Google them – read it all. Google the ingredient(s) – if its a pure Essential Oil there should be only 1 ingredient – the oil. Sometimes companies use fillers and try to disguise them with scientific names. Do you know where the plant that is distilled to make the Essential Oil is grown and the conditions in which it is grown in ( clean soil, clean water, no pesticides etc.)? Do you know how the plant is being distilled? Does the company use just the first distillation or do they use the 3rd, 4th + distillations? Do they test the Essential Oil for purity? How?


A lot of questions I know, but  if you’re going to inhale, rub on your skin and even possibly ingest don’t you want to know the answers to these questions? Would you want to rub an oil on your skin that was grown in poor soil, watered with unsanitary water, sprayed with pesticide and is the 4th and last distillation(weakest) of the batch? I sure don’t.  I’m not saying all other companies that sell oils grown and distilled  in conditions like this. I’m just asking you to know where the oil you’re buying is coming from.

What about Amazon?

Only if you can trust that person to be selling you the actual product that you are buying. I recently heard of someone who bought Young Livings Thieves toothpaste from someone on Amazon and it burned their mouth because it wasn’t Thieves toothpaste. The person selling it had replaced it with something else. People do the same thing with Essential Oils. You can look on YouTube and find videos showing how easy it is to fake a sealed bottle of Essential Oil. Is saving a few dollars worth the risk?

I’m not going to name all the companies that are selling Essential Oils. There are so many that jumped in obviously for the money. Make sure the company you pick isn’t one of those. I suggest researching the companies that have been around for more than a few years. Sure, I think Young Living is the best but that’s my thought based on my research not yours – which is why I don’t expect you to buy what I’m selling.

And what if you don’t want anything to do with Essential Oils? That’s ok too, but I’m still going to offer you a sample every chance I get. Not because I want to sell you something but because they work and someday you may change your mind and decide to give them a try.