Carrier Oils 101

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I always get questions about carrier oils.What are carrier oils and how are they used? Using a carrier oil when applying essential oils topically (on your body), makes the oils comfortable to the skin. Some oils are “hot” and can irritiate the skin. We are all different. Some of us have greater sensitivty than others. I always suggest testing an oil before you use it. Just put a drop on your forearm and wait a few minutes. If the oil is going to irritiate you, you’ll know it. If the area become red or irritiated in any way, be sure you use a carrier oil. I have the iron clad skin, skin that does not irritiate. But I still use carrier oils much of the itme. Using a carrier oil does not reduce or dilute the properties of the essential oil. Beside helping to protect from sensitivity issues, using a carrier oils is simply economical!
If you have quesitons, always refer to the label on the Young Living bottle you plan to use. And feel free to ask me quesitons about carrier oils or dilution ratios anytime.

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