Masculine Essential OIls

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Masculine essential oils … Have you thought about it? I have to admit, most of us ladies think about what’s pleasant to diffuse in the home or office. We tend to think about the scents we like. Certain scents make us feel relaxed. Some scents make us feel energized, There are those essential oils we diffuse for specifc purposes, like to … Read More

Spring Diffuser Recipes

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spring diffuser recipes

What’s in my diffuser today? A SPRING Diffuser Recipe I love the change of seasons. Spring is just a bit over a week away. I love all Spring brings … the scent of budding flowers, working in the garden, and the renewal I feel within. Today in my diffuser …. 3 drops of  Young Living Geranium essentil oil, and 2 drops … Read More

Spring Forward with Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

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Spring Forward. Sleep Well with Young Living Lavender essential oil.

Spring Forward. Sleep Well with Young Living Lavender essential oil. I love the longer days of Summer, but springing forward can mess with your sleep. We will loose an hour’s sleep, but a few drops of  Young Living relaxation essential oils gains me a good night’s sleep. Lavender always winds me down. I dot a drop of Lavender on my wrists, … Read More