Essential Oils Your Skin Loves

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Great article from Young Living. And here are two of my favs …

Frank … as I lovingly call Frankincense! I used to have a little raised mole-like spot on the left side of my nose. I had it for years. I started putting  just one drop of Frank on it every day when I sat down for my two hours of  evening TV-vegout time. Within a few months, it completely disappeared. There’s no evidence that it was ever there. Love my Frank!

Lavender … it’s all about the body. I use lavender in my face serum, in lotions, bath salts, and bath bombs. Great for burns, bites, and skin irritations. Use mascara? Add a few drops to the tube for healthier longer lashes. Love my Lavender!

6 Essential Oils Your Skin Loves

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