Masculine Essential OIls

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Masculine essential oils … Have you thought about it?

I have to admit, most of us ladies think about what’s pleasant to diffuse in the home or office. We tend to think about the scents we like. Certain scents make us feel relaxed. Some scents make us feel energized, There are those essential oils we diffuse for specifc purposes, like to mask odors, help us sleep, help clear nasal passages …. and so on. But have you considered that there are scents men are drawn to? And did you know about the Young Living diffuser I call “Mr. Sexy”?

Some essential oils to check out for your man are …




Idaho Blue Spruce

Citrus oils like Lemon, Orange, Citrus Fresh, Tangerine

Northern Lights Black Spruce

Shutran (and the Shutran line of personal products for men)

I am happy to help you come up with some new manly creations for your diffuser, or hook you up with our masculine Rainstone diffuser (pictured).



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