Name: Olivia Cagle
Member #: 1646087
Phone: 8063243155
Website: My Website
I am a prenatal/postnatal corrective exercise specialist and a diastasis restoration specialist. I help moms heal, strengthen, and restore their cores. I believe our bodies can be redeemed, renewed, and restored by changing our thoughts, eating healthy, exercising, and strengthening our core (physically & spiritually). I’ve learned that almost all illnesses and diseases have a root issue that’s usually caused by stress, worry, fatigue, and anxiety. Negative thoughts not only affect the person having those thoughts but on those around us. And for the pregnant mommies out there, our thoughts affect our babies. Treating my family naturally for years has turned into a passion of mine as well. I’ve studied health and nutrition for 16 years and was mentored by an herbalist for 4 years. God has put so many amazing things in this earth that will heal our bodies and essential oils is one of those. Even though I uses these natural methods, I believe God is the true healer.

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