Are You Ready for Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance?

Lynn MatsunagaUnboxing the kit


It’s day 14, you made it through the PSK (premium starter kit) challenge! Now that you have read about some of the most popular oils, did you think you could definitely use some of them? I know I did when I was first looking into starting with essential oils. After pricing out a few oils and kits with Young Living and other companies, I was surprised how great a value it is to get this kit. That’s not to mention Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise where they own many farms and take great care in growing many of the plants, distilling in a manner which maximizes the quality of the oil, and rigorous testing to ensure the oils that come from co-op farms are not diluted. You can click on the Seed to Seal info to learn more about the process.

The best way to get started is with the Premium Starter Kit. This kit includes:

  • Lemon vitality oil
  • Peppermint vitality oil
  • Thieves vitality oil
  • Copaiba vitality oil
  • Digize vitality oil
  • Purification oil
  • RC oil
  • Panaway oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Bonus: Stress Away oil
  • Diffuser
  • Roll-on fitment
  • Sample sachets
  • Vials to share or take on-the-go

Now, the wholesale membership means that you get oils at a 24% discount. Once you buy the kit, you are a member (called a “distributor”) but never have to buy again, never have to sell. You are eligible for Essential Rewards. You are also eligible to earn money back if you share with your friends and they enroll. So, if you see “wholesale membership” and fear you may get stuck, don’t. You know how everyone has a Costco membership? That’s a membership you willingly pay to get a better price, but you don’t even get product with it! Getting the starter kit is your one-time membership buy-in and you get great stuff. When I realized this, I said, “yes, sign me up!”

I know there are a few people who feel that oils aren’t their thing. That’s fine. Thanks for reading so far. Feel free to click around and read more on the different oils or look at the catalog to see what other products are offered. If you are interested in learning more about whole body supplementation, there is a starter kit with Ningxia Red where you get the juice plus a bottle of Stress Away and sample packets. OR, if you are wondering how to eliminate chemicals from your cleaning products, there is a Thieves starter kit. This kit offers the cleaning power of Thieves in hand soap, a household cleaner, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand purifier, a bottle of Thieves oil, and Stress Away oil.

If are ready to sign up, Great! You can contact me and we can go over the enrollment together or you can watch this video which goes through the process. Click on over to the Kit page to select which kit you’d like. You also get to choose what diffuser you want! This is a referral based business, so please use my member number 3108405 in the “I was referred by” fields. These will be auto populated when you go from the above kit page. Feel free to email or text me with questions and we can schedule a one on one. Happy oiling!

Stay tuned as I will go over some of the benefits and uses of the “flex oils”. These are oils you could be substituted in your kit if something is out of stock.