Name: Lynn Matsunaga
Member #: 3108405
Phone: (805) 402-1578
I'm a pharmacist with a major pharmacy chain. Throughout my day, I answer questions about different ailments or medications, and make recommendations for over-the-counter items. People often ask about more natural alternatives. This made me reflect on my own use of over the counter medicine for my aches and pains from standing, reaching, and bending at work. I began to look into essential oils to support my body because, as I get older, I've realized that working in a pharmacy is a lot more physical than I had ever imagined. I like the idea of combining natural remedies with western medicine. I feel we can add essential oils to help support proper body functions to prevent or reduce issues. I really enjoy diffusing oils in my home and making DIY bath and beauty blends. Visit me on social media for inspiration!

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