Ninxia Red Infused

Lynn MatsunagaUnboxing the kit


It’s day 12 where we talk about Ningxia Red. You will get 2 packets of this supplement in your Premium Starter kit. Yep, it’s a juice pouch, but these are packed with antioxidants. Everybody knows that antioxidants are good for us, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how to get them. Made with wolfberries that grow in the northern Ningxia providence of China, this juice contains vitamins, minerals, a little fiber, and a lot of taste!

Fun facts:

  • Ingredients: Ningxia wolfberry puree, blueberry, cherry, aronia, pomegranate, plum juices, stevia, grape seed extract, vanilla extract, Orange, Lemon, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils
  • Whole body nutrient infusion for health and wellness
  • Supports normal cellular function
  • Helps prevent oxidative stress

How to use:

  • Drink a daily shot of 1-4 oz to support health
  • Create fruit infused ice cubes to add to your tea or juice
  • Make popsicles with Ningxia red: 1 cup water, 2 cups Ninxia red, 3 drops orange vitality oil. As seen on the YL blog
  • Spike your daily Ningxia shot with these combos from Young Living
  • Ningxia-Red-Shots_V2-01-USE
  • Check out this recipe for Ningxia red gummy snacks from my friend Tracey

Read more on Ningxia Red here. If you are more interested in whole body nutrition than the oils right now, check out the Ningxia Red Starter kit. Stay tuned as I will go over a few more things such as the flex oils, Essential Rewards, etc.