Wellness is Priceless


For five years I lived with my mother; we learned to cope with Alzheimer’s as the insidious disease robbed her of herself. I’m thankful that I could serve her in that way. At the same time my husband was caring for his ailing father in his home.  Our own home sat empty for much of that time. Occasionally we would … Read More

DIY Geodes


(content courtesy of Young Living Essential Oils Blog) We love the way geodes sparkle when the light hits the crystals inside. These DIY geode bath bombs feature that gorgeous gemstone glitz along with deep, rich colors and your favorite essential oils! If you need a gift for a friend or loved one, or if you’re due for a bit of pampering, these … Read More

Which Oils are Safe to Ingest?


The following article was written by the Education Team over at the Corporate blog for Young Living Essential Oils. Which essential oils are safe to ingest? It’s a common question and one you’ve probably had yourself: Which essential oils are safe to ingest? It can be hard to know if ingesting essential oils is safe; from Pinterest to YouTube, you’ll … Read More

Seedlings For Your Wee Ones


Have you picked up a baby product lately and read the ingredients? If you have a little one in your life, please look at what is being used on and around them. Chances are they are full of hormone disruptors, respiratory and skin irritants, and much worse. There is a better option. Young Living has a complete line for babies: … Read More