Name: Kari Mattioli
Member #: 1117608
Phone: 920.585.4155
I live in a small, but beautiful village in WI with my wonderful oily husband, three beautiful, energetic and fun oily boys and a playful, oily pup. I started my oil journey 6 years ago, with one of my favorites, Lavender. My collection has grown since and so has my passion for Young Living Essential Oils. I have seen the positive impact it has had on myself, family and so many others, I decided I wanted to be in the business of essential oils. I started to teach and educate others on YLEO's over a year and a half ago and LOVE it! As a Young Living member and educator, I have committed to share and teach other's how to incorporate natural and holistic living with Young Living Essential Oils. It feels wonderful inspiring others of wellness, purpose and abundance through these wonderful and powerful essential oils.

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