The Most Delicious French Toast EVER!

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I love Sunday mornings. They make me think of sleeping in and brunch and the aroma of coffee and an overall sense of laziness. Now, I don’t sleep in since having kids, but I still remember the feeling. May I say that this past Sunday, I made the best French toast of my lifetime? It was amazing, mouthwatering and just plain … Read More

I Broke Up With My Medicine Cabinet

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Every time I go to the grocery store, I buy a new supplement. Every time I visit a naturopathic physician, I buy a new supplement. Every time I visit a natural pharmacy, I buy a new supplement. I have no idea what works and I’m tired of trying of the guessing game. Is it good quality? Is it bioavailable? Will … Read More

What to do about those week day blues

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Oh were my feet dragging this morning. Maybe I had the weekday blues where not even coffee would work? Maybe I needed a nap after just getting up this morning? Ha, that’s not happening! Seriously, I thought to myself. I’m too busy today and I don’t have time to move so slow. I decided to give Joy essential oil a … Read More

Why Frankincense is my favorite Essential Oil

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Frankincense is my favorite EO to have in stock at my house! Did you know that frankincense helps protect skin cells? It can be used to help reduce acne and the appearance of large pores and wrinkles. Studies have shown that it helps to lift skin, reduce appearance of scars and can be beneficial for fading of stretch marks. I use frankincense … Read More

Essential Oils – why should I use them?

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Did you know that it takes 65 pounds of rose petals to make one bottle of rose oil? Crazy huh? EOs are so powerful that they are 80x stronger than herbs! EOs are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. Start incorporating EOs into your daily life to: Support & Aid a healthy immune system Protect the body … Read More