Name: Wade & Rhonda Anderson
Member #: 1406362
Phone: Call 832-607-4515
I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in 2013. My neighbor and friend shared them with me and I attended my first Young Living Essential Oils 101 class. I fell in love with the aromatherapy they provide. As I learned more about the oils and how precious they were centuries ago, how they actually had medicinal properties and I started hearing testimonies of so many people who have found relief from things that modern medications can only mask at best in a lot of cases, I was in! I thought to myself, "Wow, my family deserves this kind of care. I'm in." We were all suffering from allergies, our little one had asthma, & depression had lurked in our family as well, just to name a few of our challenges. Spinal pain and disc issues as well. These oils have made and continue to make a huge difference for us. I was on four, yes 4! allergy prescriptions/OTC drugs and it is rare that I use anything like that anymore. I just haven't found the need to as long as I'm using my oils. I am so grateful to have been led to them. I have so much to learn still and look forward to that journey with Young Living. What a GREAT company and extended circle to be connected to!! Thank you very much to the late Mr. Gary Young and team for all you've done to assure that the world benefits from the best essential oils on the planet. Oh, and cooking with these oils is a fun endeavor as well. The possibilities are endless and the flavor is so rich. God bless you and enjoy your stroll around my site. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments or concerns. Have a great day! ~ Rhonda Anderson P.S. Wade's favorite oils are Jade Lemon, Stress Away, & Christmas Spirit. Jade Lemon helps him wake up and focus in the office. Stress Away helps him to relax when the phones are ringing nonstop. Panaway brings relief from painful muscles and disc pain in his back. My favorite oils are Lemon (in my water & teas). I love Panaway for neck pain. I love Lavender (sublingual) because it provides relief for seasonal allergies. I also love all of the citrus oils for cooking or setting an energetic atmosphere aromatically in our home or vehicle. Our sweet and silly Lab loves Peace & Calming and Stress Away. Her name is Bristol Bear and she's a Young Living Pup! So many oils to choose from. Find the ones that are right for you. Remember: More doesn't necessarily mean better. One or two drops can provide the same results as four or five drops.

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