Cleaning out the Winter & a Surprise Drawing!

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I’m so excited to see spring blow in! We’ve had so much rain here in the Southeast that I started thinking that since the sun had shown for a day that we were in a drought! THAT’S how much rain we’ve gotten! No, I’m not joking. It’s been a little “Noah”ish around here! Ready for sunshine! Ready for leaves & … Read More

Oils Of Ancient Scripture are Back in Stock!

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  Oils of Ancient Scriptures are Back in Stock! Plus a yummy hot cocoa recipe at the end!  Sandra Wallace  Young Living Distributor Member # 1358631 Hi Guys! Are you ready for summer? I hope you’re able to spend quality time with family & friends during this season of vacation & new beginnings – being with the people you love … Read More

Diffuser Sale! & Specials!

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Young Living never ceases to surprise us!  The Dewdrop is ON SALE! WITH TWO FREE OILS! While supplies last ~ that is just it. Order asap to ensure that you get your diffuser! This will be 15% off retail or wholesale~ whichever you have. Look further below to see what we have in store for you if you reach a … Read More

Thieves Cleaner FREE this Month!

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Did you realize you can get Thieves Cleaner FREE this month! Yep. You sure can! SO, why would you need Thieves cleaner when your cabinets are full of cleaners at your house? Read the stats below. It may scare ya a little.   One of the ways that we poison our bodies the MOST is our cleaning products. Read these … Read More

How to Help this Hacking Mess Going Around!

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  This blog is full of info about “How to help this hacking mess going around! We want you & your loved ones to avoid or get over this aggravation during the winter months! (Little Brin Brin doesn’t need this mess either! (Grandbaby number #3)! Hi there! – I can’t believe it’s February already! We’re having a SURPRISE SALE with … Read More

Huge Sale: NOW thru 9th of Feb

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❤️️❤️️ FEBRUARY SALE ❤️️❤️️ As if February couldn’t get any better with the new Savvy Starter Kits and Einkorn favorites back in stock and cheaper than ever… Young Living has another surprise for us. 😍 You ready for it??? Starting tomorrow (Feb. 5 at 8 am MT), you can get 10-15% off favorites like Aria and Rainstone diffusers, Cool Azul … Read More

What is Important

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What is important is different for many different people. Ask 100 people & you may get 100 different answers after the 3 top. The first for most of my friends is: Being bless with 1)God loving us. 2) My family 3) My health then after this it can go anywhere! Let’s address these in order: 1: I can’t help this. … Read More

Your Heart “KNOWS” Before Your Brain!

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Your Heart “KNOWS” Before Your Brain! Your heart “knows” before your brain?! Yes, it does! Quantum science has proven that the heart sends and receives messages SECONDS before the brain even computes what’s going on in your body! That’s right! The heart actually tells the brain the instructions to pass around to the body! NOW, it makes sense, right? Proverbs … Read More

There’s More to Essential Oils than Smell!

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Essential Oils smell so good! I know! Right? But there’s more to essential Oils than the smell! A TRUE therapeutic grade essential oil will be so CAREFULLY distilled that the health molecules will be left in tact. When left in tact, they will be so powerful (in an awesome way) to be able to scrub the outside of our cells, … Read More