Huge Sale: NOW thru 9th of Feb

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❤️❤️️ FEBRUARY SALE ❤️❤️

As if February couldn’t get any better with the new Savvy Starter Kits and Einkorn favorites back in stock and cheaper than ever… Young Living has another surprise for us. 😍
You ready for it???

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 5 at 8 am MT), you can get 10-15% off favorites like Aria and Rainstone diffusers, Cool Azul Sport Gel, Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter, and so much more!

It’s also your last opportunity to get a handful of YL classics before they’re gone for good – like the Savvy Holiday Collection.

So what’s on sale? A TON of Young Living favorites. Hello, diffusers!! 😍

sale prices

• Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser (#4524D)
• Rainstone Ultrasonic Diffuser (#5331D)
• Gratitude 5 ml (#3346D)
• Motivation 5 ml (#3384D)
• DiGize 5 ml (#3323D)
• HydroGize Water Bottle—Purple (#5775D)
• HydroGize Water Bottle—White (#5777D)
• Essentialzymes-4 (#4645D)
• Cool Azul Sport Gel (#5436D)
• Cool Azul essential oil blend (#5399D)
• Christmas Spirit essential oil blend (#3315D)
• DIY Kit (#21625D)
• Shutran Shave Cream (#5157D)
• AlkaLime 8 oz. (#3199D)
• Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray 2 oz. (#5348D)
• Christmas Ornament (#23006D) No PV

• BBQ Set* (#21639D) (Apron, Silicone gloves, Rosemary Vitality, Thyme Vitality, Black Pepper • Vitality, Lemon Vitality, and Orange Vitality)
• USB Diffuser—White* (#5224D)
• USB Diffuser—Pink* (#5225D)
• Excite essential oil blend* (#19804D)
• Core Vitality Case—Gray* (#5661D)
• Core Vitality Case—Yellow* (#5662D)
• Aroma Carousel* (#4832D)
• ART L’Brianté—Pink/Summer Scent* (#5075D)
• ART L’Brianté—Neutral/Winter Scent* (#5076D)
• Bath Pillow (#22991D)
• Slap Bracelet (#22996D)
• Savvy Minerals by Young Living Holiday Collection (#21952D)

• Starts Feb 5 at 8 am MST
• Ends Feb 9 at 11:59 pm MST
• While supplies last
• Quick order only
• ER points cannot be used
• Look for products that end with the D to get the sale price

👉 Stock up on gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthdays – like the Rainstone Diffuser, Aria Diffuser, Savvy Holiday Collection, and BBQ Set
👉 Stock up on gifts for teachers, co-workers, neighbors and friends – like the USB Diffuser, ART L’Briante and Bath Pillow
👉 Get the DIY Kit and invite some friends over and show them how to DIY with oils – add some wine or mocktails with NingXia Red
👉 Get some Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids – like the Slap Bracelets