July! July! July! Specials & Excitement

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July! July! July! Excitement & Specials!

We’re going on vacation! One week with my hubby’s fam bam & one week in August with our kids & grandkids! I’m so excited! I love getting away even if it’s for a day trip. It doesn’t even have to be a week, but one thing I’ve found~ just traveling with my husband’s business, we’re always needing something for instance: Peppermint, Clarity & Ningxia Nitro.


This helps to  keep his driving alertness up. (Some of these people are CRAZY drivers!!)  We keep the BLM & Sulphurzyme for when we’re getting stiff because we’ve been sitting too long. Think about it!  You’re using things already, but just calling them by another name. Take a short list~ when you ache…you grab a couple ___________. When you need more energy, you go to the store & buy a ____________ out of the cooler.  Just fill in the blanks. Are these things good for you? Probably not! So…. Just SWITCH the crappy stuff you’re already buying & substitute your healthy Young Living products for those things just like Brian & I have! 😊


Look what you can get FREE this month with your Young Living orders! (BE SURE to look at your PV subtotal. NOT the total with tax & shipping to qualify for your Freebies. ALSO, if you’re not ordering through Essential Rewards program, then you’re leaving free product on the counter & walking off!)




ER Exclusive = Essential Rewards Exclusives. The product that you get ONLY if you’re ordering through our points program. Just like a cash back credit rewards program that you can cash in on product.


Months 1-3        you get back 10% (that’s better than Discover Card!)

Months 4- 24     you get back 20% (are they crazy?)

Months 24-        you get back 25% (WHO DOES THIS?) To infinity & beyond!!!!!!

Get stocked up on what you need now as you SWITCH & DITCH! Go clean those cabinets & see what toxic cleaners, shampoos, body washes, laundry detergents that you have that are B>A>D> FOR YOUR health & your family’s health! Then make your list! Start making a change TODAY!

I want to help you make that change! We have a great team, education, laughter & fellowship! Join in! If you’re on Facebook then friend me & I can add you to a learning group that suits you!


Happy Summer!