July! July! July! Specials & Excitement

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July! July! July! Excitement & Specials! We’re going on vacation! One week with my hubby’s fam bam & one week in August with our kids & grandkids! I’m so excited! I love getting away even if it’s for a day trip. It doesn’t even have to be a week, but one thing I’ve found~ just traveling with my husband’s business, … Read More

Your Heart “KNOWS” Before Your Brain!

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Your Heart “KNOWS” Before Your Brain! Your heart “knows” before your brain?! Yes, it does! Quantum science has proven that the heart sends and receives messages SECONDS before the brain even computes what’s going on in your body! That’s right! The heart actually tells the brain the instructions to pass around to the body! NOW, it makes sense, right? Proverbs … Read More

There’s More to Essential Oils than Smell!

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Essential Oils smell so good! I know! Right? But there’s more to essential Oils than the smell! A TRUE therapeutic grade essential oil will be so CAREFULLY distilled that the health molecules will be left in tact. When left in tact, they will be so powerful (in an awesome way) to be able to scrub the outside of our cells, … Read More