What is Important

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What is important is different for many different people. Ask 100 people & you may get 100 different answers after the 3 top. The first for most of my friends is: Being bless with 1)God loving us. 2) My family 3) My health then after this it can go anywhere!

Let’s address these in order:

1: I can’t help this. Nothing I can do about it. He just loved me first. 🙂 There are no other words for this.

2) I am more grateful that I can even express. I have six children. 5 girls & 1 boy. Ranging in ages 33 down to 12. Yes. I said that. 12. We didn’t plan on having this many but boy am I happy I did! They keep me on my toes. They keep me young at heart and they won’t let me out of the house in certain outfits. “Mom. Please come here and let me help you with that. Don’t go out. We have to fix this.” haha….girls…


3) My health. I try to be mindful & thankful every day that we’re all healthy! I know I’m not in control of everything, but we try to stay as mindful as we can about our health.

You see? My husband Brian’s parents are both passed on. Both my parents have passed on, too. So, my son only had a couple grandma’s in his life for about 7 years and now there isn’t any left. He and my last 2 girls really haven’t gotten to experience very much grandparenting~ so do you see where I’m going with this? I feel like I need to be around a wee bit longer than most because I’m in my 50’s and my son is 12! This has made me more conscience about trying to keep healthy.

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Our family uses essential oils. We use our supplements & we try to share with others ways to use them. We have tried to eliminate all the chemicals that we can out of our lives by buying from ourselves our shampoos, conditioners, skincare, body care, tooth products because we’re serious about eliminating as much harm out of our lives as we can.

How are you approaching this? Are you being proactive to growing older? Are you making plans about how long you want to be around for your family? Are they going to be alright when you are finished here by teaching them how to take care of their family’s health? I guess what I’m trying to get at is: you can change things right now if you’ve not been taking care of yourself. Don’t wait until next year or fall to start. Today is THE DAY to make a change in your life for the people you love!

I’m not trying to be morbid by no means! I have some F-U-N plans for myself, my continuously growing family (they’re bringing more with them each year! ) for the next ehhh… FIFTY years!

family 3

These guys are totally worth it.

What are YOU  going to do. Today? To start planning your future health? It’s just too important to try to let it happen by chance, it’s got to be intentional.

Start here:

  1. Eliminating the chemicals out of your life
  2. Feeding your body good essential oil infused supplements
  3. Be intentional with getting some stress relief
  4. Good sleep
  5. Plan on some fun quality time with your family

If you would like some help starting yourself on this journey, then I’ll be glad to help you. My email is sandrawallaceoils@gmail.com or shoot me a message on Facebook & friend me at: https://www.facebook.com/sandra.g.wallace

This is one of my favorite quotes. I try to live by it. sarah