Beauty Junkie

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For most if my life I have been a product junkie. I remember being in high school and wanting to buy the most expensive makeup and face products brand that I could afford which was what I would find at my local drugstores. I always felt that the more expensive brands meant I was giving my skin the best product … Read More

Before and After

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When I started using Young Living oils in our home, I quickly started searching for suggestions on what I could do to assist my facial skin in healing itself. When I turned 30 years old,my face started taking a beating. I started developing these large cystic pimples all over my chin and jawline.  It was awful and painful. It put … Read More

God and my body…

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For the past few years, our Pastor has encouraged our congregation to support him and join him in the 21 Day Daniel Fast usually starting the 2nd week of January.  If you’ve never heard of the Daniel Fast, then basically it is a time to get closer to God through fasting of all processed and unnatural foods by eating a … Read More

Cleaning house

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Hi everyone, I wanted to hop on here today and talk to you about another one of my many favorite items from Young Living that is not an oil…Thieves Cleaner! When I purchased it, I wasn’t really sure it was going to meet my needs of my household cleaning arsenal.  I was so the type of person that scents are … Read More

Bye painful T.O.M

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Hello Friends …Today I’m getting a little personal…like girl talk personal. So if you’re not a female or know anyone struggling with the ol’ lovely time of the month, then this blog may be a bit boring for you. If you can relate, then read on😉 So to mark the 28th anniversary of the very first time I started my … Read More

Back to the garden…

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A few weeks ago, the Lord put these words in my heart….”I placed Adam in a garden for a reason”. Within the past few months I have become a reader more than I ever have in my life. I hated reading. It was so boring to me and half of the time I couldn’t obtain what I read. Incorporating oils … Read More

New to this blog thing

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Hello there everyone! Welcome to my very first official blog! I must confess, even though I have posted many pics on Instagram, this here seems so much more nerve wracking. I want to bring you forth as much thorough and real life content and testimonials to our tried and true Young Living products, but yet remain FDA compliant. So let … Read More