Raindrop Technique


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  Raindrop Technique The Raindrop Technique is one of Young Livings proprietary wellness modalities that combines the science of French aromatherapy, Massage and Vita Flex-Reflexology. This treatment provides a deep sense of relaxation. My personal experience with receiving this treatment was one of deep relaxation, and a considerable decrease in back tension which was much appreciated by this Massage Therapist! … Read More

Do you love (toxic) candles?


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Do you love beautiful smelling candles? Use them at home, or maybe in your massage clinic? They really do add a calming, peaceful ambience to your environment. Unfortunately most commercial brand candles are flat-out TOXIC, and are causing indoor air pollution as bad as cigarette smoke. The biggest issue being fragrance. What is fragrance anyway? Well, it is comprised of … Read More

It stinks being Anosmic!



As someone who LOVES having a sense of smell, my lilac tree in early summer, my extensive stash of essential oils, the smell of herbs and onion sauteing in a pan… oh man, I just kinda take it all for granted. I am aware however, that a few people I personally know have lost their sense of smell due to … Read More

Self- Care: Please put your oxygen mask on first!


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Who knew we could garner great wisdom from those tedious inflight safety demos? That one line that begins all trips “please be sure to put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others” can also serve as a reminder in life that if we ignore our own needs we jeopardize not only our health and wellness but also the ability to assist others. … Read More

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy


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         Yoga master Rodney Yee and designer Donna Karan are the creators of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program in the US, along with facilitators Roshi Joan Halifax and Colleen Saidman. UZIT brings five healing modalities to the hospital bedside of cancer patients that include; modified yoga, reiki, contemplative care, nutrition and essential oils. The program offers … Read More

HEY, why don’t YOU go take a hike?



Hey YOU, go take a Hike! Well who doesn’t feel better after some time spent drinking in country air, touching the papery bark of a birch tree, listening to the murmuring of a cool creek, surrounded by wildflowers, rocks and even, I don’t know, a bunny hopping along…..mmm,so peaceful….can you imagine it? Maybe it’s time to circle a date in the calendar to take … Read More

Self Development with Oola


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  SELF DEVELOPMENT with Oola As a wellness professional, or even just a wellness enthusiast, do you walk the walk and practice what you preach? Self-care and personal development are important tools that helps refuel our tank, causing us to grow, and ultimately serve others more effectively. Many of our clients come to us seeking their own balance in life … Read More