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My name is Susannah and I am a Registered Massage Therapist and founder of Savvy Wellness. I would love to help you ditch toxic chemicals from your home or clinic with natural plant-based solutions. I teach weekly workshops in Toronto for R.M.T.'s focusing on essential oil basics, and how to utilize these oils and wellness products in your practice. Please check out my business website In addition, I also hold weekly workshops for natural skincare and wellness enthusiasts where we make DIY essential oil based products. Join us and experience the aromatic, sensory and experiential wonders of a wide variety of EO's. Please check out my boutique online skincare company Calling all business builders: If you are a massage therapist, healthcare worker or mom and are drawn to toxin-free living AND think you might be an entrepreneur at heart; helping others to find solutions in a less stressful manner, while working from home, I will gladly get you started! Thanks for connecting with me!

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