Essential Oils for Pets

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Did you know that many essential oils are safe for pets?  If you’ve followed my blog you might be aware that they can be used on cats and dogs, but essential oils can be used on everything from horses to pet lizards.  Here’s a presentation I did for Young Living Oils Online on the subject of essential oils for pets, … Read More

Essential Oils for Allergy Sufferers

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Here’s a recent presentation I did on the subject of allergies and essential oils.  Why don’t you have  listen? Remember that all the essential oils mentioned in this video can be purchased through my website.  Please contact me if you have any questions!  

Peace & Calming II and Kitty Cats

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Greetings! My name is Xena Cat, and if you read the blog post written by Sara a while back you know I have some nervous issues sometimes.  She talked about using Young Living’s Lavender essential oil (aka, what I call the Magic Kitty Calming Potion) on me when I get nervous.  The problem is that when I do get one of … Read More

Purification and Peace & Calming

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Young Living blends Purification and Peace & Calming II

My mother has dementia and is in a local memory care unit.  When I had gone to visit her, I noticed that usual odor that these places have, and the air in her room seemed heavy and stale.  I decided to start taking my Dew Drop Diffuser with me when I went to visit. When I arrived, I added about … Read More

Nervous Tabby Cat

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Xena Cat, a very nervous tabby cat.

Hi!  My name is Xena Cat.  I am a two year old American short hair domestic tabby cat, and Sara McCaslin is my hoomin.  I’ve always been a nervous cat (my brother’s nickname was Mr. Twitchy, so I think it runs in the family).  Today was pretty rough for me, though.  You see, we’ve had storms in the area that … Read More