10 Emergency Cleaning Hacks – Using Only 2 Products

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10 Emergency Cleaning Hacks Using Only 2 Products - Thieves Cleaner Lemon essential oil - Young Living

That moment you realize you (or your children/pets) have just ruined something and there is no cleaning product you can think of to fix it 🙁 . 

A feeling of waste, hard earned money going down the drain. 

Makes me want to CRY 😥 and scream 😮 all at once!


Super sticky stuff that won’t budge, bodily fluids 😕 (i.e. vomit, urine…get your mind out of the gutter people), scorched pots & pans, stains on clothes, car interior, etc…

If scrubbing, scrapping, soaking meant ruining the item you’re trying to clean, you would just stop cleaning it, right?  Throw it away if possible…live without it or live with it ruined 😥 .



I’ve listed 10 emergency cleaning hacks which have personally affected me and my family.  Here’s how I removed them with only 2 products. 

Yes, 2 products!  

Now, I don’t consider Baking Soda and White Vinegar as “products” because these should be a staple in everyone’s home for cooking and cleaning (learned this from my mother-in-law 😉 ). 

The two products I’m referring to are Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner and Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil, AKA the Duct Tape of essential oils.

These 2 products have saved me hours of scrubbing sticky, stains, burned food, sour milk, vomit, etc. out of countless surfaces.

Thieves Household All Purpose CleanerLemon is the Duct Tape of Essential Oils Young Living


See my most recent video below. I scorched a pot and was seriously considering throwing it away.

DISCLAIMER:  Please excuse my amateur videos.  Scrubbing while holding my phone plus the terrible lighting was a bad idea for a video 🙂 .


10 Emergency Cleaning Hacks Using Only 2 products

1.  Remove Gorilla Glue from Stainless Steel Appliances

  • How did I get Gorilla Glue on my stainless steel refrigerator, you ask?  My husband.
  • The Gorilla Glue bled from a magnet my husband was trying to glue back together.  The glue wasn’t dried and it stuck to our stainless steel refrigerator.
    • The magnet then left a ring of hardened Gorilla Glue & rust!  I have no idea where the rust came from but it was there along with the glue.
    • My husband was about to accept his mistake and live with this blemish on our stainless steel refrigerator but no…not me!  There was no way I was going to look at that everyday!
    • I dripped some Lemon essential oil on the spot and rubbed with a paper towel.  This method wasn’t working well because the oil kept dripping down the fridge.
    • I added a few drops of Lemon essential oil to my paper towel and held it on the hardened Gorilla Glue…rubbed…rubbed…and it was GONE!!!
  • Chipping the Gorilla Glue away while stuck to our refrigerator would’ve left more than a scratch but the Lemon EO saved the day with no mark remaining on the fridge!  

2.  Remove Sticky in Car/Carseat

  • Remove gum, candy or anything sticky with a few sprays of Thieves Cleaner & Lemon essential oil.
  • Real Life Emergency Hack:  We live in Texas so it gets hot in the car about 80% of the year.  One day my son was eating gummy candies, which eventually ended up someplace other than his mouth. The gummies melted onto the floorboard of my car.
    • By the time I noticed, the candy was no longer melted, but instead was slightly tough to the touch and embedded in the floorboard.
    • A few sprays of Thieves Cleaner and a couple drops of Lemon essential oil saved the day! 

3.  Remove hardened objects from floors

  • If you have kids, at some point there will be food on the floor and you will not find it until a week, possibly a month, later.
  • Don’t ruin your wood or tile floors by scrapping, scratching or using harsh cleaners that could (a) potentially destroy your floors and (b) possibly expose your family to toxic chemicals.
  • Spray Thieves Cleaner, wait and wipe clean. Repeat if necessary.
    • You may have to spray more and let sit for a few minutes before wiping away. However, in time, it will get that hardened or sticky material off the floors.
  • Bonus Tip:  Add Lemon essential oil to old sticky hard materials.  Let sit and wipe clean.

4.  Remove Gum from ANY Surface

  • Start with Lemon essential oil. Rub and try to get the majority off.
  • Spray with Thieves Cleaner and alternate with Lemon essential oil.  Rub until it all comes off.
  • Real Life Emergency Hack:  One day my husband let our 4 year old eat gum in the car 😐 .  Nuff said. You know exactly where this is going…
    • It was a hot August day and our son decided to string his chewed up gum across my husband’s back seat passenger window.
    • The gum was definitely hot and sticky.  Luckily, Thieves Cleaner & Lemon essential oil removed it easily. 

Check out my Instagram photo documenting my results here.  (FYI, Thieves Cleaner is AMAZING on windows)

5.  Remove Gum from Hair

  • Use Lemon essential oil on the hair and start working the gum out.
  • One of the easiest emergency hacks on the list.
    • Some may wonder, “why don’t you use peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil?”
    • Most of the time, when something like this happens, it’s when you’re not in a place where these items are easily accessible.  Also, I live in Texas.  I’m not leaving anything that could potentially melt or leak in my purse.
    • Lemon essential oil may leave a slight oily texture, but eventually it evaporates because pure essential oils are volatile.
    • Using peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. will leave your hair greasy until it’s washed. Yuck!
  • Real Life Emergency Hack:  When we were attending a birthday party one weekend, my 9 month old son somehow got gum stuck in his hair and I could not get it out!
    • I always keep my essential oil travel key chain with me at all times for this exact reason.  If you don’t have one, get one.  It’s a lifesaver!

  • I used a few drops of lemon essential oil on my son’s baby fine hair and wallah, the gum came out!  Even the tangles were removed from his hair with no lasting greasy residue.
  • LEMON essential oil for the win AGAIN!

6.  Burned Pots and Pans

  • Watch my YouTube video above for details. 
  • Try to get the pot/pan as clean as possible.  Rinse easily to remove food residue.
  • Add Lemon essential oil and Thieves Cleaner and let sit for 30 minutes.
  • Add baking soda, more Thieves Cleaner and scrub with a wet sponge.  Add water if needed.  Repeat until clean.

7.  Vomit, Urine, Feces on Carpet or Any Surface

  • Dilute Thieves Cleaner in spray bottle according to instructions.  Remove wet fluid with a dry towel and rinse the mess a little with water.
  • Spray Thieves Cleaner.  Dab with clean towel.  Repeat until stain is gone.
  • Real Life Emergency Hack:  My entire family contracted a stomach bug over the course of a weekend.  Uhhh…that’s the worst!  I don’t even like thinking about it.
    • Every time I get a stomach bug, my oldest son gets it at the exact same time.  Literally, we’re both throwing up at the same time.  It’s terrible, just terrible.
    • For dinner the night before, he had a few handfuls of dried cranberries.
    • Lets just say there was RED throw-up all over the carpet in OUR room!!!  (Sorry for the graphic nature of this description but if it hasn’t happened to you…just wait.  If and when you have children, it will happen…I promise 😯 .)
    • Thieves Cleaner to the rescue!  You would never know there was a potential red stain on our bedroom floor.

8.  Permanent Marker!!!

  • Add Lemon essential oil directly onto the surface (i.e. skin, wall, carpet) that was marked by the permanent marker.
  • Always test surfaces like fabrics and carpet before application.
  • Now, I have not tried every surface to remove a permanent marker.  I know you can remove it from walls and skin.  Use your discretion and common sense when using Lemon essential oil to remove permanent marker from other surfaces.
  • Please don’t use Goo Gone.  You really don’t want to apply this stuff to your skin.

9.  Remove Stains from Clothes

  • Spray Thieves Cleaner diluted directly on clothes.
  • If the stain isn’t coming out, add Thieves Cleaner without diluting.
  • Wash and repeat as necessary.

10.  Remove Insulating Foam Sealant…Say What?!

  • This may be the most random emergency cleaning hack on the list, but this is one reason why every man should have Lemon essential oil.  Why do you think it’s called the “Duct Tape” of essential oils?!
  • You may not know what insulating foam sealant is so ask someone who works in construction or has experience building things. They’ll know EXACTLY what you’re talking about.
  • Check it out if you need a visual.
  • This stuff leaves a mess and is difficult to remove from hands/surfaces. You’re supposed to wear gloves when using it but…sometimes, just sometimes, my dad and husband fail to follow instructions. Imagine that.
  • Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil and it melts right off! No joke!
  • Real Life Emergency Hack:  When my dad was building out our patio enclosure, he and my husband had to use insulating foam sealant to fill in the cracks around our stone patio columns after the drywall was installed.
    • My husband always makes a mess out of this stuff. It gets it everywhere. Plus, it’s nasty and a pain to remove from your hands.
    • One day, after there was an incident, I grabbed my Lemon essential oil and added a few drops to his hands.  Within seconds it came right off!
    • I think my dad was in shock at its ability to literally melt away the foam sealant.


What are some of your emergency cleaning hacks?  Please share in the comments below.


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