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Welcome to the Peppermint Project! My name is Shauna Magnusen. I'm an essential oil enthusiast, health, wellness and fitness advocate, food allergy survivor, loyal wife and full-time working mommy of two young children.

At The Peppermint Project, it is my passion to educate and guide you along your health, wellness and fitness journey. I will teach you practical ways to incorporate Young Living into your everyday lives.

The idea of The Peppermint Project was created when our youngest son was born in June 2015. Being a veteran mommy (so I thought), having a second child was no big deal. Little did I know our world was about to turn upside-down. I always thought a new baby would be the adjustment. The person who came up with the phrase "terrible twos" obviously never had a three year old! I remember having a conversation with my husband like it was yesterday, "if this is the worst of the terrible twos then we have this parenting thing down". Ha! We were SO clueless.

You know God has a sense of humor because once our baby boy was born in June, our oldest turned 3 in July and from that point forward it was like pushing a really REALLY heavy object up a REALLY steep hill for a very long time until...a friend reached out to me about Young Living.

I was so desperate for something to help our 3 year old go to sleep, stay asleep, calm down, listen, not talk back, not drive us crazy, use the potty...that I would try anything even if there was a slight chance it would work. I think the first question I asked her was, "do you think it will help my 3 year old get to sleep at night?" Without hesitation I placed my order and immediately started using our Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

This is the part of the story where that really heavy object I was pushing up that REALLY steep hill wasn't as hard to push anymore. After we started using Young Living essential oils in August 2015, our life started to change. My 3 year old was so receptive to the essential oils that all I had to do was open a bottle, place a drop in my hands, rub them together and let him smell the aroma. That’s it! Parents, it's that easy!

My biggest regret is not knowing about the power of essential oils sooner. So, here is where my passion lies, educating and sharing with the world about essential oils one drop at a time. As a tribute to my oldest son, I named this website The Peppermint Project because one of his favorite essential oils is Peppermint (& Gentle Baby). Our project is to share our many stories in hopes of bringing essential oils into the homes of every family!

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